Master of Business Administration

A scholarship worth up to $4,000 is available when you enroll

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offers you unmatched quality, small classes and access to professors determined to see you succeed.

Greater flexibility

NWU designed this MBA program with agility, adaptability and the demands of your work in mind.

Classes meet just one evening a week in convenient eight-week sessions. We also offer the ability to customize elective courses to suit your goals.

NWU offers several MBA courses in a blended format, combining intensive classroom learning with convenient remote work. It’s a blend of best approaches where you learn in-person with experienced professors and get maximum flexibility with remote work.

Real-life experiences

In addition to blending in-person and remote work, NWU’s MBA program also combines conceptual learning with practical experiences in the marketplace.

We give you valuable experience in sound business plan development where you partner with local entrepreneurs as well as business and community leaders.

This innovative combination of conceptual and practical learning means you’ll get valuable knowledge and skills that you can apply to your work from day one.

Professional mentoring

You will receive support to help you find business mentors—established professionals whose experience, wisdom and expertise will add to your learning.

Whether meeting remotely or face-to-face, the relationship you develop with your mentor—much like your relationships with NWU professors—will help you build agility and sharpen your strengths as you reach your career goals.

Networking opportunities

In addition to your NWU professors, academic advisor and professional mentor, you’ll also form valuable connections with the network of your NWU MBA classmates.

The program attracts talented professionals from corporate, health care, government, and nonprofit sectors. The connections and friendships you form studying together will add dimension to your learning—and your professional networks.

Integrated approach

Nebraska Wesleyan’s MBA curriculum integrates different business disciplines to prepare you for leadership and decision making in a wider array of professional settings. You’ll bring a well-rounded perspective to any job, in any industry.