Vacation Leave Exempt Staff

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Vacation Leave Exempt Staff

Human Resources
Human Resources
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Board of Governors
Policy statement

Vacation for full time exempt staff - must adhere to the following terms:

  • Employees earn a vacation period of twenty working days (160 hours) with pay each year.
  • Each month the employee accrues 13.33 hours of vacation. Employees can accrue up to a maximum of 30 working days (240 hours).
  • Once an employee accrues 240 hours of vacation, vacation no longer accrues until the employee uses vacation to bring their total accrual below 240 hours.
  • Employees working less than twelve months receive vacation at an accrual rate that is prorated according to the position’s budgeted hours worked during the budget year or Full Time Equivalency (FTE).
  • The employee will be paid for all accrued but unused vacation at the time of termination of employment.
  • Leave request entry into WebAdvisor with supervisors electronic approval signature is required in advance of taking vacation leave.

Questions about this policy and implementation procedures should be referred to the Human Resources Office.


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