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Human Resources
Human Resources
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Board of Governors
Policy statement

Nebraska Wesleyan University holiday schedule is set in accordance with the academic calendar and announced each spring.

  • If the holiday is on a Saturday, the paid holiday is on the prior Friday.
  • If the holiday is on a Sunday, the paid holiday is the following Monday.

Employees must work, or use accrued, paid time off for the shift prior to and following the holiday to receive the holiday as paid time off.

Eleven paid holidays for employees who work twelve month assignments are approved by the

President and announced annually by the Human Resource Office.

  • NWU holidays include Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Birthday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, the Monday after Commencement, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day.

Holidays for employee who work less than twelve months are prorated for those holidays that fall during their normal work schedule for exempt employees.

Holidays are part of the employees’ regular schedule and are not paid as additional salary. Holiday hours paid but not worked do not count toward overtime calculation.

All employees receive their full holiday benefit.

  • Employees who must work on the holiday receive a corresponding day off arranged with the approval of the supervisor or will be paid their holiday time and worked time.

Questions about this policy and implementation procedures should be referred to the Human Resources Office.


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