Grading System - Undergraduate

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Grading System - Undergraduate

Registrar's Office
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The following grades factor in the undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA):

Excellent A/A+ 4.00 grade points
  A- 3.67 grade points
  B+ 3.33 grade points
Good B 3.00 grade points
  B- 2.67 grade points
  C+ 2.33 grade points
Satisfactory C 2.00 grade points
  C- 1.67 grade points
  D+ 1.33 grade points
Marginal D 1.00 grade points
  D- 0.67 grade points


0.00 grade points

F* - Fail: grade of "D+" or lower; student elected Pass/Fail option

The following grades are not counted in the Grade Point Average (GPA):

AU - Audit
I - Incomplete
I* - Permanent Incomplete
NC - No Credit
P - Pass: Grade of "C-" or better earned; course designated as Pass/Fail Only or Pass/Fail Oriented
P* - Pass: Grade of "C-" or better earned; student elected Pass/Fail option
PX - Passed by Examination
W - Withdrawal
WA - Administrative Withdrawal


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