Academic Standing and Satisfactory Progress - Graduate Students

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Academic Standing and Satisfactory Progress - Graduate Students

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Graduate Academic Standards & Curriculum Committee
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Academic Satisfactory Progress
Graduate students must be making satisfactory progress in his or her master's program, as determined by the program. Each graduate program has the discretion to put the student on notice and provide the student parameters that must be met in order to continue in the program. A grade lower than a "B-" in a graduate level course indicates that the student may not be progressing satisfactorily through the program.

Academic Standing
Any student with a semester GPA of less than 2.50 or a cumulative GPA of less than 2.67 will be placed on Academic Probation.

Academic Dismissal terminates a student from his or her master's program. Academic Probation may or may not have occurred prior to Academic Dismissal, which occurs under these circumstances:

  • a semester GPA below a 2.50 at the end of a probationary semester or a cumulative GPA below a 2.67 at the end of a probationary semester
  • earning a grade of "F" in the master's capstone course(s) in his or her program
  • earning a grade lower than "B-" twice in the same credit-bearing course in the graduate program.

Students academically dismissed from their programs who wish to return after waiting a minimum of one semester, must seek and be approved for readmission. Students approved for readmission are readmitted on academic probation.


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