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Hickman named Exemplary Teacher of the Year

Hickman named Exemplary Teacher of the Year

  • Mary Hickman teaching at NWU
  • Mary Hickman teaching at NWU

Assistant Professor of English Mary Hickman was awarded the 2022-23 Exemplary Teacher of the Year award at the recent faculty meeting. The award is given to an NWU professor each year who exemplifies excellence in teaching, civility and concern for students and colleagues, commitment to value-centered education, and service to students, the institution, community or church. The award is sponsored by the Division of Higher Education of the United Methodist Church and the Office of the President at Nebraska Wesleyan.

Mary Hickman teaching at NWU

Hickman was nominated by three fellow faculty members who shared that her creativity and devotion to students goes above and beyond. 

"An award winning poet, a conscientious and effective advisor, a productive service member of the university, and an accomplished teacher, Professor Hickman meets and surpasses the criteria for this award," said one of her nominators.

Hickman's literary works, teaching expertise, and passion for students is "an inspiration across campus." 

Hickman's colleagues also said: 

  • "When I asked my class of English seniors about their favorite courses, the majority named one of Mary’s creative writing courses. Students also speak highly of Mary’s support outside of class, including her sponsorship of three clubs: Creative Writing Club, Spoken Word, and Flintlock."
  • "I know through a variety of second-hand means that Mary’s classes are innovative and energizing. Frequently, as I enter one of my mainly-for-majors classes, I hear a few students talking about a recent assignment in Mary’s Advanced Poetry or Hybrid Genres course, or about a poem one of their classmates presented, or about the exciting contemporary poet they just read, or about some outside-the-box activity like holding class at the city zoo. I have asked our chair to please, please not schedule any of my classes for majors in the same time slot as one of Mary’s classes, because I know I am going to lose that contest."

Congratulations, Mary! You are a valued member of our community and we thank you for all that you do.