Hawkins honored with CORE Award

  • Diane Hawkins portrait
  • Diane Hawkins portrait

Diane Hawkins, assistant controller, was awarded Nebraska Wesleyan's CORE Award at the December staff meeting. 

The CORE Award recognizes a staff member whose efforts and contributions significantly exceed expectations in demonstrating or promoting one or more of those values: excellence, liberal arts, and personal attention to students, diversity, community, and stewardship.

“One of the core values I see Diane consistently showcasing is personal attention to students. She works with students in the business office to understand and complete papers for the annual financial statement audit," said Tish Gade-Jones, vice president for finance and administration. "She does such a fantastic job training them that several of her student workers have been hired at CPA firms. The training she offers students is invaluable.”

Diane's colleagues also said: 

  • "While it may appear that the budget seems simple enough to develop and maintain, it is a daily challenge to keep up with the moving parts of revenue ebbs and flows as well as new initiatives and needs from across campus.  There are several deep dive projects that without her leadership, the organization and even more particular the Business Office and HR (human resource) Office would be strained."
  • "[Diane] demonstrates real excellence and stewardship in the way she completes her work, prepares reports, and provides recommendations from a logical viewpoint.  She regularly researches new information that is not always readily available - using it to help her team be successful."
  • "Without the consistent nature of Diane’s work, her ability to analyze the information that is presented and ability to anticipate need with her developed sense of stewardship for Nebraska Wesleyan’s resources, I feel it would be much more difficult for the people in roles around her and those in charge of budgets across the campus. Diane goes out of her way to research and collect data to be able to provide solid recommendations regarding financial information for the institution."

Gade-Jones concluded, “Diane knows how to lift the spirits of all around her. I know when we need a stress reliever, I always ask Diane to lead the charge. She is always up for anything. I have fond memories of her hula-hooping and blowing bubbles outside Smith-Curtis as she asked passing students to join her.”

Thank you for all that you do, Diane. Your NWU community appreciates you!