Former Students Establish Scholarship Honoring David Mickey

Dr. David Mickey learned in a surprise announcement April 3 that a new scholarship has been named in his honor.
President Fred Ohles congratulates David Mickey. The scholarship will be awarded to a student each year beginning fall 2014.

In just six short weeks, 119 former students of Dr. David Mickey pledged over $26,000 to establish a fund that will provide scholarships to future NWU students.

Family of Mickey, professor emeritus of history, surprised him on April 3 with news that the Dr. David H. Mickey Endowed Scholarship Fund had been established by his former students.

The scholarship was established to express appreciation for his mentoring, teaching, and friendship, and for all that Mickey has done for Nebraska Wesleyan as an ambassador and historian.

Mickey taught history at Nebraska Wesleyan University from 1946-1987. And even though he taught history, students from all majors felt his influence. Those contributing to the new scholarship fund represented graduates in political science, education, biology as well as those who worked closely with him through his various campus roles as fraternity advisor, academic advisor, mentor, historian and friend.

The Dr. David H. Mickey Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to an NWU student beginning next fall.

Upon learning the news of the scholarship fund, Mickey was also presented with a collection of memories from former students. Among some of those memories:

  • “You changed my life in a least three ways: You led me from just being a student by teaching me to be a scholar while showing me the differences. You opened my mind to love history. And, you made sure I graduated. You changed my life and I can never give you the thanks you deserve.” — Tom Gardner ‘67
  • “I had two history classes with you. The second one I took self-study. What I missed not being in your class was how you would give background to history. It wasn’t just facts. That taught me more than you realize to dig deeper and find the “whys.” I wish I could take another course from you now.” — Marsha Rainforth Lautenschlager ‘74
  • “Some of our favorite memories are of lectures of Dr. Mickey’s exciting history with unknown details and always with a touch of humor.” — Steve ’64 and Sharon Snyder Dahl ’64
  • “We were amazed that he could always call us by name years after we had been in his classes.” — Donna Martin Lightbody ‘55