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Preparing Your Student for Class Registration

Preparing Your Student for Class Registration

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by Jodi Ryter and Meghan Winchell

Your student will meet their first academic advisor at class registration. They’ll work together to build a first-semester schedule that incorporates your student’s interests and goals, considers their prior education, and aligns with how they want to get involved on and off campus. 

There is no “standard” first-semester schedule. Instead, advisors suggest first-semester courses that fit particular academic areas, as well as any prerequisites your student should consider. Your student’s first-semester schedule will be flexible, exploratory, personalized and relevant to their interests. Even if they feel certain about their academic and professional goals, your student will leave the advising session knowing that adjustments are possible. 

Advising appointments will be held over Zoom between May 9 and June 6. Students who’ve deposited and completed the steps for class registration will receive an email with a link to schedule their class registration appointment with their advisor. You can find additional information about the steps for class registration on the admitted student website

Family members do not attend these advisor meetings. This space allows students to advocate for themselves and begin building a productive relationship with their advisors. We encourage you to talk with your student after the appointment to learn about their schedule and the classes they are most looking forward to attending. 

Our goal is to connect every NWU student with informed, caring and sustained advising as they work toward their degree and life beyond Nebraska Wesleyan. We see the effectiveness of this overarching approach in the successes of our graduates. 

Jodi Ryter



Jodi Ryter is the dean of undergraduate students and professor of chemistry.



Meghan Winchell



Meghan Winchell is associate provost of integrative and experiential learning and professor of history.

Dates to Remember: 

August 19 
International student arrivals 

August 21 
Move-in Day 

August 21-25 
Prairie Wolves Welcome 

August 26 
First day of classes