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This Fall’s Remote Finish


—By Jodi Ryter

Even as your student finishes the semester remotely, campus resources remain at the ready to serve them.

Professors, advisors, coaches and residential education coordinators are just an email, phone call or virtual meeting away.

Looking Ahead to the Spring Semester

Vigilance and sacrifice by our students, faculty and staff made it possible to be together for the fall semester. We saw no evidence of transmission in the classroom or dining hall when our COVID-19 protocols were followed. We believe our continued attention to these protocols will help protect the campus community into 2021.

Many of the same guidelines and protocols that served us well this fall will carry forward into Nebraska Wesleyan University’s spring semester.

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On Being Well and Coming Home

—By Kim Corner

With all of this year’s tumult, students may be experiencing grief over how COVID-19 has changed their campus routines, academic pursuits and their ability to engage in meaningful social interactions. NWU’s leap to a purely remote format for the fall semester’s final exams might be another source of stress. As students return home to finish the semester remotely and begin their winter break, it’s important for families to check in on their students’ well-being.

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Spring Semester Calendar Update

By Graciela Caneiro-Livingston

When we started the fall semester, we knew coronavirus cases would emerge, and we planned accordingly. After 10 weeks together, we have no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted within NWU classrooms. The vigilance and sacrifices made by our students, faculty and staff are what allow us to be together this fall; and they are what will allow us to be together again for the spring semester.

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About Mid-semester Reports

By Jodi Ryter

It’s hard to believe we’ve passed the midpoint of the fall semester. Students have taken midterm exams and are working hard on papers and projects. This also marks the point in the semester when faculty submit midterm progress reports.

Faculty submit feedback to the CARE (Concern, Assessment, Response, Education) Team via Midterm Progress Survey reports. Faculty consider students’ academic performance, including current grades, attendance, assignment completion, assignment quality and exam scores.

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The Importance of Flu Shots

By Nancy Newman

All semester, we’ve embraced a “Protect the Pack” mentality, encouraging everyone on campus to wear a mask, watch our distance and limit the number of people with whom we’re in close contact. It’s how we minimize the spread of coronavirus.

Now we’re asking students to add another layer of protection—by getting a flu shot. Flu vaccinations can lessen the spread of seasonal flu, which helps protect hospital capacity as our community deals with the pandemic.

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