Vaccination Requirements

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Policy title:

Vaccination Requirements

Public Safety/Risk Management
Student Health
Student Life
Traditional Undergraduate
Student Life
Approved by:
Ad Council
Purpose of this policy

To ensure the health and safety of our campus with respect to communicable diseases.

Application of this policy

This policy applies to all degree-seeking and international Nebraska Wesleyan University students. Specific vaccination requirements depend on student category (traditional, adult, graduate). Students who do not comply with the vaccination policy may have a hold placed on their registration.

Policy statement

Degree seeking students and international students in the traditional undergraduate program are required to document that they have had the following vaccines:

  • two MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccines
  • at least one Meningitis vaccination at or above age 16
  • completed COVID-19 vaccination

Degree-seeking students in adult undergraduate and graduate programs are required to document that they have had the following vaccine:

  • completed COVID-19 vaccination
Exemptions from this policy

Non degree-seeking students, other than international students, e.g. Wesleyan Honors Academy students or Senior College students, are exempt from this policy.

Traditional undergraduate students who matriculate at or after age 24 are not required to have the meningitis vaccination, based on CDC recommendation of a meningitis shot between 16 and 23.

Students with medical or religious reasons request exemption from this policy must submit that documentation to the Student Health Office for approval. 

Traditional undergraduate students who matriculated prior to Fall 2020 were required to have two MMR and one meningitis shot without the additional requirement that the meningitis shot be at or above age 16.

Compliance with this policy

Incoming traditional undergraduate students must submit the student health questionnaire as part of the enrollment process to document compliance with this policy. Adult and graduate students do not have to fill out the full student health questionnaire but should submit required vaccination records directly to the Student Life Office (studentlife [at]


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