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Social Media Policy

Campus Communication
Marketing / Public Relations
Public Relations
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Vice President for Enrollment Management
Purpose of this policy

These social media guidelines are designed to encourage the University’s students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their voice effectively and positively in social media.

Policy statement

Nebraska Wesleyan University Social Media Policy

Every day, the Nebraska Wesleyan University community interacts online. Many students, professors and organizations have their own Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube accounts. We recognize the importance of participating in these online communities.

In general, the Office of Marketing and Communications doesn’t have the resources to support other social media sites beyond the official Nebraska Wesleyan University Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. We recommend that departments consider the resources available before establishing their own social media presence. Contact Marketing and Communications if you’d like to contribute to Nebraska Wesleyan University’s social media presence.

These social media guidelines are designed to encourage the University’s students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their voice effectively and positively in social media. Please review the following social media policy when participating in social media that involve NWU.

NWU Social Media Policy

Let the University know. Departments and personnel should contact the Marketing and Communications Office before starting an NWU-related social networking presence. It is important to share your presence with Nebraska Wesleyan University so all our social media communities can stay connected online.

Be consistent. Respect the University’s brand, trademark and copyright rules and regulations found in the Identity Standards Manual. Refer to the Toolbox Resources for logos, photos and other digital media, which are all found on the faculty/staff webpage on the Marketing and Public Relations link.

Be transparent. Departments, programs, student groups and alumni groups who create a social media presence should use Nebraska Wesleyan University in the title. This helps users not only find your accounts when searching under the NWU name, but also to clearly identify your group as part of the NWU community. Show your NWU pride. 

Keep messages professional. Maintain a professional tone when posting content. Post only meaningful and respectful comments. Do not write anything about a member of the NWU community or other schools that could be construed as slanderous or offensive. You are ultimately responsible for what you write. Remember that what you post is shared publicly and will be archived for years. Always remember that you represent NWU. 

Your social media account does not give you authorization to speak on behalf of the university. Only the main NWU social media accounts are authorized to give official statements on campus issues and situations.

When posting pictures or videos, keep the same professional tone in mind as when you write.

Nebraska Wesleyan’s name and/or image should not be used to promote or endorse a product, cause, political party or candidate.

Nebraska Wesleyan reserves the right to remove posts from NWU social media communication channels that are inappropriate or misrepresentative of the university.

NWU employees and students should use their best judgment when posting material onto personal social media communication channels that is neither inappropriate nor harmful to the university, its employees, students, vendors and donors.

Check your facts before you post. Double check all of your facts before you post something and link to your sources whenever possible. If you do make an error, correct it immediately and visibly. And always credit your sources.

Maintain confidentiality. Do not post confidential information. Check FERPA regulations or with the Marketing and Communications Office if you have any questions.

Know the rules. Be aware of Federal Trade Commissions rules and those of third-party sites.

Consistently monitor your accounts. The key to social media success is to stay on top of your accounts. Social media accounts require daily monitoring. Encourage discussion by posting quality content and questions. Quickly address any inappropriate messages or misuse. Such inappropriate content includes spam, advertising, offensive statements, inaccurate information, foul language, or unconstructive criticism of the university or anyone in the NWU community. As a general guideline, it is not a good idea to engage in negative conversations.

If you have any question as to whether something should be removed or responded to, please contact Public Relations.

Use proper grammar and spelling. While certain social media accounts like Twitter, limit the number of characters you can post, refrain from letting these relaxed rules get in the way of good syntax and proper punctuation. After all, your post represents an educational institution.



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