HIV/AIDS Policy for Employees

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HIV/AIDS Policy for Employees

Human Resources
Human Resources
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Business and Human Resources Office
Policy statement

The University will function under the following policy:

  • Employees with or who develop a HIV infection AIDS, or a positive HIV antibody test, whether symptomatic or not, will be allowed unrestricted employment activities as long as they are mentally and physically able to perform their job duties in a manner that does not pose a health or safety risk to themselves or to others.
  • The University does not require any mandatory testing of an employee for the HIV antibody.
  • Employees with HIV infection will not be restricted from access to instructional, recreational, dining, or other common areas, facilities or equipment.
  • The presence of HIV infection will not alter the employment decision for anyone applying to work at the University except for those jobs for which available medical evidence indicates health risk to the public.
  • The University will extend the same sick leave and benefits as may be applicable under the relevant University policies.
  • No employee is authorized, to reveal that a co-worker has HIV infection.
  • Issues of a safe work environment will be dealt with by the Assistant Vice President for Human Resource.
  • No employee who actually has or is suspected of having HIV infection shall be subjected to emotional, verbal and/or physical abuse by another employee. Any such action is condemned as a matter of policy, will not be tolerated, and is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
  • The presence of an individual, who has HIV infection in a department or work area, standing alone, shall not be the basis for the reassignment of any other employee.
  • The University will observe any public health reporting requirements for HIV infection.

Questions about this policy and implementation procedures should be referred to the Human Resource Office.


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