Graduate Level Courses Used Toward Bachelor's Degree

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Graduate Level Courses Used Toward Bachelor's Degree

Registrar's Office
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Policy statement

A student may count no more than 12 graduate-level credits toward her or his bachelor’s degree.  

Students may enroll in and count graduate courses toward their bachelor’s degree via one of following methods:

  • Be admitted to a program designed specifically for early enrollment in graduate courses. See program admission requirements.
  • Be granted permission by both the graduate program director and undergraduate department chair. Permission should be granted only after the program director/department chair consult with each other regarding space availability and curricular/pedagogical appropriateness, as well as confirming that the student meets the following standards: senior standing; a 3.25 or higher NWU GPA; and completed all necessary course prerequisites.

Graduate-level coursework completed by an undergraduate student will count as undergraduate credit and be calculated in the student's undergraduate GPA, as well as count as graduate credit and calculated in the graduate GPA.


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