Graduate-Level Course Differentiation

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Graduate-Level Course Differentiation

Registrar's Office
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Policy statement

Aligning with principles and requirements from the Higher Learning Commission is the foundation of Nebraska Wesleyan University's policy for differentiating graduate and undergraduate offerings. Significantly different goals and methods are apparent in the various programs, courses, and assessment plans of the graduate and undergraduate offerings at NWU. However, the following common, primary components guide the norms and expectations of graduate courses at Nebraska Wesleyan University:

  • Graduate courses are taught at a level that assumes students already possess content knowledge and understanding commensurate with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Graduate courses require greater knowledge of the discipline or field as demonstrated by student reading and analysis of the most relevant and important scholarly monographs and journal articles written by and for professionals in the discipline.
  • Graduate study requires firsthand research experience appropriate to the discipline or specialization.
  • Graduate courses place consistent emphasis on translating and applying knowledge that strengthens connections to the professional environment. Faculty are expected to be current with the most recent developments, professionally and academically.
  • Graduate courses emphasize methods, trends, and analysis.
  • Graduate courses emphasize communication, both written and oral, at a professional level. Publication and presentation at professional meetings will be strongly encouraged.


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