Faculty office hours

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Faculty office hours

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Faculty members have a responsibility to be available outside of class for students to ask
questions and/or explore points of confusion or interest that cannot be fully addressed in
class. While there is no explicit number of hours required by campus policy, it is
recommended that faculty members be available to students at least three to six hours
each week. They can be held in multiple ways, including face-to-face in the professor’s
office or some other appropriate location, phone, teleconferencing, or some other means.
Faculty members may post regular office hours where they will be available each week,
allow students to make individual appointments, allow “walk-ins” when they are in their
office, or some other established means. Faculty members must post their plan for office
hours in their syllabi; they can also post them on their faculty web page and/or on their
office door. If the faculty member must miss scheduled office hours, they should give
students advance notice and/or post a note on their door.


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