Sociology and Anthropology Degrees

Choose to major in business sociology, criminal justice in society or sociology/anthropology at NWU, and you join a close-knit group of scholars dedicated to understanding how close-knit groups work.

We engage you to think sociologically as you develop a core set of skills.

Our dual sociology/anthropology degree gives you a foundation in qualitative and quantitative research, statistical analysis, critical thinking and problem solving. You’ll design research, conduct internships and pursue your own thesis.

Business sociology majors examine aspects like accounting, marketing and economics to the larger social contexts of business settings.

And criminal justice in society majors study aspects including criminology, law and sociological aspects of forensic science.

Get amazing results.

Sociology and anthropology graduates become open people. They’re open to uncommon approaches to common human endeavors, like making dinner, raising children and governing a nation. They learn to set aside assumptions to see the true impacts of personal choices and structural forces.

These skills will help you succeed professionally. Sociology and anthropology alumni regularly work in:

  • business (human resources, research, marketing and communications)
  • government (census and population studies, urban development, diplomatic services, policing and criminal justice)
  • human services (health care, education and immigrant support)
  • nonprofits (community outreach, housing development and international organizations)

Sociology and Anthropology faculty

NWU Sociology and Anthropology’s four longest tenured professors have been at Nebraska Wesleyan for a combined total of 83 years. The faculty’s expertise includes topics as varied as domestic violence, urban agriculture and substance abuse treatment and prevention.

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