Gender Studies Degrees

NWU Gender Studies majors see the world as so much more than black and white. If you’re deeply curious and comfortable with complexity, then an NWU Gender Studies degree is made for you.

NWU Gender Studies is Nebraska Wesleyan’s most interdisciplinary academic program. It features professors from 11 fields of study—men and women who teach everything from anthropology to theatre.

Because gender influences so many fields—from health science to history—gender studies is a popular choice among NWU students with multiple majors. Their appreciation of gender’s complexity makes them better professionals, no matter which fields they choose for their careers.

Take business as one example. Competence in gender issues will give you a better understanding of your customers, your employees, your partners and the organizations around you. You will profit in multiple ways from that increased understanding.

Get amazing results.

Find work in the field. NWU Gender Studies gives you in-depth knowledge of the conditions of women in various cultures as well as the skills to address inequalities. Our graduates find positions in related fields including social services, education and public policy.

Pursue graduate studies. A background in gender studies can help you stand out as you pursue graduate opportunities in medicine, law, business, social science, the natural sciences, and the arts, just to name a few areas.

Be more versatile. Your competence in gender studies can support you in a variety of career fields. NWU Gender Studies alumni now work as legislative aides, lobbyists, PR specialists, marketers, social workers, journalists, nonprofit leaders, teachers and grant writers.

Gender Studies faculty

NWU Gender Studies features a diverse cast of teachers, including a Nebraska Professor of the Year and world religions expert, a musicologist who studies music’s impact on social issues, an sociologist who studies the impacts of noncustodial fathers on adolescents, and a communication studies professor who examines gender and power within the Catholic Church.

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