Graduation Commitment

Nebraska Wesleyan University provides the support you need to complete your undergraduate education in four years. We fulfill our mission when you graduate in a timely manner prepared for your life after graduation.

Nebraska Wesleyan University believes that graduation in four years should be an expectation for most students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Our graduation commitment ensures a timely graduation in four years.

At Nebraska Wesleyan, we commit to your goal of graduating in four years. Our commitment ensures that:

  • You will have a plan to graduate in a timely manner.
  • You will have an advisor to work with you on following your plan.
  • You will be ready to graduate in the timeline you set. For most students, that will be four years.
  • You will be prepared for your life after graduation, whether that is continuing to graduate or professional school or beginning work in your profession.

From each student, Nebraska Wesleyan expects that:

  • You will meet with your academic advisor to outline and follow up with your on-time graduation plan at least once each semester.
  • You will enroll in and complete the classes upon which you and your academic advisor agree.
  • You will commit to succeeding in every class by attending, studying, completing all class requirements, and passing each class you take.

Our commitment:
Should you follow your plan, but are not able to graduate on time, we will cover the cost of up to 16 additional credit hours needed to complete your degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NWU Graduation Commitment?
Our Graduation Commitment for incoming first year students ensures their ability to graduate in four years (or less) provided they adhere to the conditions of the agreement. If a student satisfies all of the conditions under this guarantee yet is not able to graduate within four years, she/he may take up to 16 credits required for graduation within one year of the originally projected graduation date free of tuition.

What is required for graduation?
In order to graduate from NWU, a student will

  • earn at least 126 credits, with a minimum of 18 credits at the upper division;
  • complete the liberal education core curriculum; and
  • complete all requirements for one academic major.

What are the requirements to receive the Graduation Commitment?

  • The student begins enrollment in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fall 2013 or thereafter.
  • The student maintains continuous enrollment at NWU or an officially approved study away program for eight consecutive semesters.
  • All required modern language and math courses are finished by the beginning of the third year, unless the student is a modern language or math major.
  • The student completes the senior capstone by the end of fourth year.
  • The student declares a major by the start of the 4th semester of attendance at NWU. A change of major after this time may negate the four-year guarantee.
  • Prior to study away, the student secures approval of specific courses to count towards graduation. If there is a change of plan at the institution abroad, the student contacts the director of global engagement and the academic advisor within one week of discovering the revision in course offerings.
  • The student remains in good academic standing and good disciplinary standing throughout the time at NWU.

How does a student sign up for the NWU Graduation Commitment?
There is no need for a student to sign up for the Graduation Commitment. All students enrolling Fall 2013 or thereafter in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible.

What should students do to complete his/her degree in four years?
A student expecting to complete his/her degree in four years should follow these suggestions:

  • settle all account holds before registration each semester (business office, student health, library, etc.)
  • meet with their academic advisor during each advising/pre-registration period
  • register for classes as soon as possible
  • remember that specific sections are not guaranteed so they may need to take a class at a time that is not their first choice
  • complete a minimum of 15-16 credits a semester
  • work at a job, on or off campus, fewer than 15 hours a week during the academic year
  • not be enrolled at another institution while enrolled at NWU.

What if a student begins study at NWU with college credit?
A student who begins study at NWU with at least 16 credit hours or more of transferrable credits that will apply to the liberal education core may be able to graduate in 3 ½ years, or seven regular semesters.

Are there any exceptions from this program?
For most of our programs, we consider graduation in four years to be “on time.”

Programs excluded from this commitment are self-designed majors; any major that does not count as the primary major, like secondary education; programs that require completion at another institution, such as engineering; multiple majors; majors with required supporting programs; majors that require more than 50 credit hours; requirements for minors.

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