Service Learning

Service learning helps you take what you study in the classroom and apply it in the community. So the skills you learn in your “Intercultural Communication” class will prepare you to help Lincoln’s refugees become English literate.

NWU’s service learning courses provide “structured reflection.” That gives you the opportunity to articulate exactly how the classroom concepts you learned apply to your service.

Your volunteerism is part of our university-wide commitment to community and global citizenship. You will make your new community all the stronger with your service. Engaged learners make great neighbors.

Global Service Learning (GSL) is a student-led campus group that plans and conducts major service trips. There are monthly local projects and annual trips around the world. It’s an amazing opportunity to “walk the walk” as you make a positive difference on a global scale.

GSL students compile impressive resumes of service that employers, grad programs and prestige scholarship judges respect. When you serve others, you’re doing your future a tremendous service.

Contact or visit us

Nebraska Wesleyan University
Academic Affairs Office, Smith-Curtis 311
5000 Saint Paul Avenue
Lincoln NE 68504
402.465.2110 FAX 402.465.2537

Stands stand alongside the family that will live in the home they help build.