Honors Academy Faculty and Staff

Administrative Staff

Please feel free to contact the following people with general questions about the program, scheduling concerns, registration information and various miscellaneous information you may need.

Departmental Coordinators

Please become comfortable with your respective departmental coordinator. They should be in contact with you during the semester and are your source for answers to curriculum and assessment related questions.


Dr. David Gracie
dgracie [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. Angela McKinney
amcKinne [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Dr. Marian Borgmann-Ingwersen
mborgman [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Business and Economics

Dr. Thom Jackman
taj [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. Jodi Ryter
jryter [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. Patty Hawk
phawk [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. Jim Schaffer
jrs [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Bonnie Simpson
simpson81483 [at] gmail.com

Nancy Mitchell
Nancy.mitchell4 [at] gmail.com

Pat McCoy
pmccoy1224 [at] cox.net


Dr. Chris Rasmussen
crasmuss [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. Kristy Pfabe
kpfabe [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Modern Languages

Dr. Rita Ricaurte - Spanish
rar [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Dr. Sara Jane Miles - French
smiles [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Dr. JoAnn Fuess - German
jmf [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Dr. Yuko Yamada - Japanese
yy [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Anne Hajek
ahajek [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. William Wehrbein
wmw [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. Steven Kaup
skaup [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Political Science

Dr. Kelly Bauer
kbauer [at] nebrwesleyan.edu


Dr. Marilyn Petro
mpetro [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Religion and Philosophy

Dr. Jonathan Redding
jredding [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Contact us

Dr. Marian Borgmann Ingwersen
Director, Wesleyan Honors Academy
(402) 465-2415
mborgman [at] nebrwesleyan.edu

Staff Assistant
(402) 465-7605