Asian Community and Cultural Center

Asian Community and Cultural Center
2635 "O" Street #A
Lincoln, NE 68510
Sheila Vinton.
Kelsey Lee

To support and empower Asian people while sharing our cultures with the entire community through our programs and services.

Kelsey Lee
Available projects

English Language Learning Classes 4 times per week serving mostly Karen and Vietnamese: Mondays 11 a.m. - one volunteer needed Wednesday 1 p.m. - one volunteer needed Tuesday/Thursday 6-730 pm - three volunteers needed Citizenship class: 2-3 Wednesday Youth Programs Monday and Wednesday 315 -5 pm at Lincoln High: College preparation or transition to work after graduation focus many Karen students but don't have to be Asian to participate Need 8 week commitment - 1 or two consistent volunteers TET Festival - February 8 130-530 p.m need help with preparation and planning. Will need 10-15 volunteers, hand out programs, serve food, help with crafts Asian Cultural Club at McPhee Elementary school for 8 weeks, for 2-3rd graders January 16-March 6 - need 2-3 volunteers to help each week. Could help plan and present the curriculum - targeting Vietnamese and Burmese in student population there.

English speaking
One semester
Short training upon arrival.
Fill out on-site, by appointment
Spring 2014
Droogsma, Rachel
Gilbreth, Joan
Wortmann, Sue
Cultural Geography
Intercultural Communication
Race Relations
Social Problems
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