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"Keeping Faith: Three Sisters of Story" will be held March 16 at NWU.

Interfaith Event to Feature Three Sisters of Story

Nebraska Wesleyan University will host an interfaith event, “Keeping Faith: Three Sisters of Story,” on Thursday, March 16.

The evening will feature storytellers Rohina Malik, Kim Schultz and Susan Stone who will share stories from their own faiths — Christian, Jewish and Muslim — to transcend differences through shared belief in the power of compassion.

Students Reflect on Flood Cleanup Efforts in South Carolina

The flooding lasted just days in Columbia, South Carolina, last October. But the recovery is far from over.

Students Use Spring Break to Assist Flood Relief, Share in Civil Rights Conversations

Nearly nine months ago tragedy struck in Charleston, S.C. when nine individuals were gunned down at Emmanuel African Methodist Church.

Several months later floods broke out across Columbia, destroying homes and wiping out communities. To the rest of the nation, these events—though devastating—are in the past, but South Carolina residents are still recovering from the tragedies.

Students Use Spring Break to Expand Worldviews

Ten students and Nebraska Wesleyan’s university minister are in Puerto Rico this week where they are tutoring in immigrant communities.

The trip — sponsored by the University Ministries Office — is providing an alternative spring break for students who want to learn and understand more about cultural differences.   

Mark Braverman to Discuss Israel, Palestinian Conflict

Psychologist, author and director for Kairos USA, Mark Braverman, will deliver the Mattingly Visiting Scholar Lecture at Nebraska Wesleyan University on Tuesday, November 4.

NWU Students Experience the Journey From Juarez

Last year’s graduating class included two students from Juarez, Mexico, a city plagued by drug-related violence that borders El Paso, Texas.


Scholars to Address Spielberg's "Lincoln" and NWU's Connection to MLK

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Mattingly Distinguished Scholars Program will bring two speakers to Lincoln — one who will discuss American Exceptionalism as it relates to Steven Spielberg’s movie, “Lincoln,” and another who will discuss Martin Luther King’s connection to NWU.


Lecture Series Kicks Off With Talk on Restoring Inmates; Watch Lecture

Ninety-eight percent of the inmates currently incarcerated in Nebraska’s 10 prisons will be released and returned to our communities and neighborhoods.


Minister to Discuss "The Bible and Homosexuality" at Mattingly Series Lecture

An ordained minister from Michigan who works with LGBTQIA-identified college students will deliver Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Mattingly Visiting Distinguished Scholar Series lecture.


Spring Break Means Service for Many NWU Students

Over spring break, NWU junior Deirdre Hoffman is opting not to return home or bask in the sand and sun. Rather, she’s joining other Nebraska Wesleyan University students for a spring break spent doing service.