Psychology Department

Psychologist to Examine Personal Connections to Environment

Susan Clayton, a social psychologist whose work examines how people think about and make personal connections to the environment, will deliver this year’s Clifford Fawl Psychology Lecture at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

​Two NWU Grads Accepted to JET Program to Teach in Japan

Two Nebraska Wesleyan University graduates will teach in Japan next year.

Xtreme Rat Challenge Celebrates 40th Year

Over the past four decades, nearly 800 lab rats have walked, climbed and jumped their way to coveted gold medals at Nebraska Wesleyan University’s annual Xtreme Rat Challenge.

Psychology Professor to Discuss Links to Everyday Choices

How does your living room, office, music collection and Facebook profile reflect who you are?

Wilderness Class Impacts Students Academically ... and Psychologically?

For the past five years, dozens of new Nebraska Wesleyan students have begun their collegiate careers by climbing in a university van and driving 700 miles to northeastern Minnesota.


Former NWU Professor Returns to Talk "Psychology, Liberal Arts, and the 21st Century"; Watch Lecture

Former Nebraska Wesleyan University psychology professor Ken Keith returned to campus on November 8 to deliver the annual Clifford Fawl Lecture Series.


Grant Helps Student, Professor Study Link Between Red Wine and Aging

Studies indicate coffee is good for cognitive abilities. So is green tea, dark chocolate, and red wine.


National Expert Shares Dangers of Texting and Driving

Think you can drive and text and talk at the same time?


Students Travel Abroad to Immerse Themselves in Psychology's History

Psychology professor Jerry Bockoven admits his “History and Systems” class may sound a little boring to students.


Department Honors Outstanding Psychology Students

Two Nebraska Wesleyan University students have been recognized by the university’s Psychology Department.