Faculty and Staff

Severe Weather Protocol

​Spring weather often brings severe weather.

An Incredible Gift: NWU Receives Norman Luboff Singers Collection

“Four hundred years of music all encapsulated in compositions and arrangements.”

Physics Professor Discusses Work With New Horizons Mission to Pluto

Nebraska Wesleyan University physics professor Nathaniel Cunningham was elated as he watched the New Horizons spacecraft make its close fly-by of Pluto last summer. The successful fly-by also meant he had more work ahead.

Cindy Marolf

Marolf Named Inaugural Recipient of Hsu Biology Faculty Teaching Award

Cindy Marolf’s advanced anatomy and physiology class was anything but typical on December 9.

NWU Makes Holiday Possible for Nearby Huntington Elementary School Families

For the past 22 years, a Thanksgiving tradition has warmed the hearts of Nebraska Wesleyan University faculty, staff and students, and warmed the kitchens of needy families.

Academic Calendar Changes to Begin in 2016-2017

For the past few years the Administrative Council has had many conversations with faculty, staff and students regarding the academic calendar.

NWU Continues Huntington Thanksgiving Tradition

For the past 22 years, the campus community has warmed the hearts and the kitchens of nearby Huntington Elementary School families during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sociology Professor Named Exemplary Teacher

Sue Wortmann’s students often leave her classroom grappling with the information they just learned. Not just because they need to know it for an upcoming exam, but more often because of Wortmann’s ability to connect her material with students’ lives.

NWU Adds Women's Bowling to Athletics Program

Nebraska Wesleyan University announced October 7 that women's bowling will be added as a sport beginning in the 2016-17 school year.

Huge Foundation Honored With University's Story Award

Last summer six Nebraska Wesleyan students traveled to Charleston, S.C. to present business ideas to a group of angel investors.