What a Parent Needs to Know–NSO Advising

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By Jodi Ryter

New Student Orientation (NSO) includes your student’s first encounter with Nebraska Wesleyan’s special brand of supportive and personal academic advising. They’ll work with an NSO advisor to build a first-semester schedule that incorporates your student’s interests and goals, considers prior education, and aligns with their expected involvement on and off campus.

Please encourage your student to enter NSO ready to talk about their interests and plans, as well as their uncertainties.

There is no “standard” first-semester schedule. But NSO advisors will suggest first-semester courses that are common for particular academic areas, as well as any prerequisites your student should consider. Your student’s first-semester schedule will be flexible, exploratory, personalized and relevant to their interests. Even if they feel certain about their academic and professional goals, your student will leave the advising session knowing that adjustments are possible.

After NSO, be sure to ask your student about their schedule. What courses are they most excited about? What interests them the most about each course? What was the best part of their NSO experience they had as a brand-new Prairie Wolf?

Jodi Ryter



Jodi Ryter is the dean of undergraduate students