Wesleyan Wednesdays: Resources for Parents and Families

Wesleyan Wednesdays

Summer is your student’s opportunity to take a deep breath and prepare for their Nebraska Wesleyan experience.

For parents and families, the time is now to get familiar with the resources available to your student. Students often reach out to family first when they’re struggling. One way you can help is to refer them to our supportive staff. It’s our job to help NWU students as they build independence and resilience.

Each Wednesday beginning July 14, we’ll share videos and resources to help you get familiar with our resources. We’ll cover major topics like student transitions, financial aid, student accounts, living on campus and commuting, dining on campus, inclusivity, safety and health.

We’ll take a break in August, but return with monthly videos in September, October and November.

Talking with your student about these resources will help them prepare for the fall semester. Students will hear about all these support systems again during Prairie Wolves Welcomebut a little repetition never hurts.

Go ahead and bookmark our Wesleyan Wednesdays webpage and check it weekly to see what’s new.