Things to Know Ahead of Your Student’s Advising Session


Your student will soon have their summer advising meeting with an academic advisor. This summer advisor will work with your student to craft a first-semester schedule. This schedule will be based on your student’s goals, interests, prior education and anticipated involvement on and off campus.

Here are a few things for you to know about academic advising at NWU.

  • There is no standard “first-semester schedule.”
    Your student’s schedule may look very different from the schedule of a friend or sibling. Their interests and goals shape the advising process, so encourage your student to articulate their interests and share their uncertainties. Their advisor is there to help.
  • Your student’s first-semester schedule opens more doors than it closes.
    Even students who arrive on campus feeling certain about their academic and professional path often adjust plans as they go along. NWU’s curriculum has the flexibility to help students toward a degree even if they try out a few options before settling on a major.
  • Trust them to take this first step on their own.
    An advising meeting is between the student and the advisor. Your student can tell you all about it later. Self-advocacy in the advising meeting is part of a first-year student’s path to independence. You’ve worked hard to help your student get to this point. Now it’s time to step back and watch proudly as they continue on their own.
Sarah Kelen, Ph.D.



Sarah Kelen, Ph.D., is vice president for student life.