Prairie Wolf Prep
Prairie Wolf Prep

We’re preparing new students to join P-Wolf Nation.
Excitement and anxiety swirl together in the summer before people arrive on campus as new or transferring students. “Who will sit with me in the dining hall?” “Where does my class meet?” and a thousand other questions bounce across everyone’s mind.

Beginning in July, we’ll set out to answer as many of those questions as we can with Prairie Wolf Prep.

Students at Nebraska Wesleyan are asked to contribute to our community through the five standards of the Prairie Wolf Promise: Integrity, Community, Social Justice, Respect, and Responsibility. For the five weeks leading up to the beginning of classes, students will engage in various activities, discussions and self-reflection to identify what it means to be a P-Wolf.

A sense of belonging and community are significant factors in student success. Your student will participate in activities designed to help them make connections not only with one another, but with returning students, faculty and staff. We’ll discuss integrity as students, community members and neighbors. As students become more comfortable with each other and within their new community, we’ll discuss deeper topics.

When we address respect and responsibility, we’ll consider not only respecting others and our community, but also respecting oneself. Students will discuss faith and spiritual diversity, bystander intervention and sexual assault awareness and prevention. And our standard of social justice will examine our university values of diversity and inclusion, as well as our renewed commitment to equity.

We want to make sure NWU feels like “home” for your student on day #1. Students will receive more information about Prairie Wolf Prep via email in the upcoming weeks.

Karri Sanderson-Tobler



Karri Sanderson-Tobler is assistant dean for student success and engagement.