Insights on NWU’s Academic Advising


By Meghan Winchell

One of the ways Nebraska Wesleyan realizes its core value of personal attention is through our academic advising. We start with summer advising. During New Student Orientation (NSO), your student will work with a specially trained NSO advisor, drawn from our most experienced faculty. Together, they’ll develop a first-semester schedule based on your student’s needs and interests.

Then, before the semester starts, your student’s Archway Seminar professor will become their academic advisor. NWU’s Archway Seminar is a course that all incoming first-year students take their first semester. Each one explores a different topic, but all of them cover the same fundamentals of academic research, collaboration and presentation. Think of it as a college course on succeeding in college courses.

By having this seminar professor also serve as your student’s academic advisor, we ensure that your student gets regular contact and support during this crucial first semester. This personal relationship strengthens the academic advising your student receives.

After that semester, once your student is ready to declare a major, they will receive an advisor within their chosen discipline.

We back up all this advising with our A-Team: a group of faculty, administrators, and student life specialists who coordinate advising programming, hold training sessions for students and faculty, develop informational resources and provide additional advising during registration periods.

Our goal is to connect every NWU student with informed, caring and sustained advising as they work toward their degree and life beyond Nebraska Wesleyan. We see the effectiveness of this overarching approach in the successes of our graduates.

Meghan Winchell


Meghan Winchell is associate provost of integrative and experiential learning and professor of history at Nebraska Wesleyan University.