COVID-19 and the Fall Semester

COVID-19 Test Kit

Local public health conditions vary widely from community to community, with some areas continuing to see high levels of community spread. While we sincerely hope that everyone in your family stays healthy, we know each of us will always have some risk for COVID-19 infection.

If your student tests positive for COVID-19 during the summer, we ask that they share that test result with us by e-mailing the Student Life Office at studentlife [at] That message should include an image of the test result showing the student’s name, the date of the test and the positive result.

We record all positive cases within our community because individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 are assumed to maintain antibodies for 90 days. If that individual is subsequently exposed to COVID-19 within that window of presumed immunity, they would not have to quarantine. Depending on the timing, positive COVID-19 cases during the summer may therefore impact a student’s quarantine obligation if they have an exposure during the coming fall semester.

We highly encourage all students to get vaccinated. Vaccinations will be the game-changer for a normal fall semester that we expect to fill with in-person experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Our employees and returning students took advantage of several vaccination clinics offered this spring. The more faculty, staff and students who are vaccinated, the more confident we can be about everyone’s health and wellbeing as we come together in August from different cities, states and countries. A normal fall semester depends on having a high level of vaccination across our entire campus community.

If your student is vaccinated, they should include a screenshot of their vaccine card with their immunization records when they fill out their Student Health Form. If your student gets vaccinated after submitting that form, they can send a picture of their card to the Student Life Office at studentlife [at]

Sarah Kelen, Ph.D.



Sarah Kelen, Ph.D., is vice president for student life.