Communication Is Key

Students on laptops

Keeping our students well informed helps them succeed at Nebraska Wesleyan University. NWU communicates with you and your student through four main platforms.

Official university communication is sent to students and families via email. We assigned new students an NWU address earlier this summer. We expect that they will check email frequently to stay current with university-related communications, understanding that certain communication may be time-critical. Parents and families receive general university updates via email a few times a semester.

Your student might have already used this platform, or one similar, to manage their coursework in high school. Faculty members use this platform to share course syllabi, office hours, assignments and grades throughout the semester. Parents and families do not have access to this information as it is protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). We highly recommend that students log into Canvas a week or so before classes begin. They will likely have messages from instructors, and some may even have homework assignments due at the first class meeting.

This online platform provides students and families access to tuition statements, final grades, financial aid information and tax statements. In accordance with FERPA, you’ll need your student’s formal permission to access this information. They received emailed instructions on granting access in early July. You can also view the Self-Service Access and Nelnet Parent Access PowerPoint on the Wesleyan Wednesday page.

Social media
You can learn much about what’s happening at NWU through our social media platforms. We share general university news as well as student accomplishments, fine arts performances, sports stories and more on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Many university departments and organizations also maintain their own accounts to share specific information about their activities.