Students’ Perspectives: Smiling with Our Eyebrows

By Samantha Redfern, senior

NWU has always been a welcoming campus of smiling faces. These days, those smiles are mostly hidden behind our masks. But we’re getting better at communicating with our eyebrows.

Nobody would call this masked and distanced semester normal, but it’s been worth it to be together.

We’ve coped with challenges and struggles that can sometimes be too much to face alone. Even before the pandemic, seeing my classmates and professors has helped me in my toughest moments. During a pandemic, that support system is even more important.

Being on campus means I can sit in class with my peers where the hard questions can unite us instead of isolate us. I randomly run into people in the library and catch up for a few minutes. Work-study experiences can continue so I can tutor students in the Cooper Center and brainstorm great papers.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we must continue to protect the pack and follow the university’s safety protocols. COVID-19 has made us appreciate our in-person connections even more, especially in the classroom. So for now, we will keep smiling under our masks and doing everything possible to keep our whole campus and community safe.

Melinda Pena

“Being on campus has been a crucial part of creating a family-like community despite being so far from my own family. Wesleyan has really created a comfortable and safe environment where I have already thrived.”
—Melinda Pena, first-year

Sara Curtis

“Although this semester has been unique, Nebraska Wesleyan has continued to provide constant support, care and engagement of our community through these unprecedented times. I am so grateful that we are able to be together safely this fall to continue to grow not only in our academics, but in our experiences as P-Wolves. I would not trade these moments for anything.”
—Sara Curtis, junior

Evan Johnson

“In a semester like no other, it has been amazing to receive encouragement from my professors and leaders on campus to come out of this difficult time as better individuals.”
—Evan Johnson, first-year

Enron Haynes

“What I like most about being in person is having the normal college aspects of being around friends, faculty, and teammates who have helped me achieve things that I used to only dream of.”

—Eron Haynes Jr., junior

Samantha Redfern



Samantha Redfern is a senior political science major from York, Neb.