From the Provost: Notes on Pass/Fail Policies
Pass/Fail polies

When you and your student made the decision about a Nebraska Wesleyan University education, you expected academic excellence, personalized attention and plentiful rich experiences. Our commitment to those core values has not stopped even though we’re apart.

In these uncertain times, we believe compassion is just as important as academic excellence. I am especially pleased by our professors’ ability to quickly redesign their courses for a distance learning modality. I also know the change has caused some anxiety for students who are worried about not doing well or well enough and the effect that will have on their overall GPA. Earlier this month we reached out to all students with an impact survey so we could learn firsthand about their experiences and determine lessons we can take from their responses.

You may be aware of some colleges and universities that have relaxed their pass/fail policies. After discussing the pros and cons, we realized that a change in policy could compromise financial aid eligibility, graduate school acceptance, and other opportunities available to our students. We met with student leaders and together we agreed on a best course forward.

Nebraska Wesleyan University has extended the course withdrawal deadline and the pass/fail deadline until Friday, April 24. This extension allows students and their advisors additional time to discuss any challenges they may be experiencing and the best course of action to resolve the situation. Our withdrawal and pass/fail policies have been shared with all students.

We pride ourselves on personal attention. Our professors desire to know their students individually, to nurture them during struggles and to celebrate them in their successes no matter if they’re together or apart.

Graciela Caneiro-Livingston



Graciela Caneiro-Livingston is provost of Nebraska Wesleyan University.