This Fall’s Remote Finish
Supporting your student at home.

—By Jodi Ryter

Even as your student finishes the semester remotely, campus resources remain at the ready to serve them.

Professors, advisors, coaches and residential education coordinators are just an email, phone call or virtual meeting away.

For students who need help with end-of-semester projects, papers or exam preparation, the Cooper Center for Academic Resources provides assistance with writing, speaking and study skills. The Cooper Center also coordinates tutoring in subject areas to give students an additional opportunity to master challenging material.

We know this point of the semester—especially combined with the challenges of a pandemic—can impact students’ mental health. Counseling Services continues to offer telehealth sessions to Nebraska students. They can also help out-of-state students to get in touch with providers in their home state.

With eight weeks off between semesters, students might consider a virtual appointment with the Career Center to further explore NWU’s majors and minors, inquire about internships, pursue job opportunities—both on and off campus—or prepare for graduate school.

You can also play an important role in your student’s final weeks of the semester. Can you arrange for a quiet space for study in your home? Do you have the bandwidth necessary for everyone in your household who may need to attend class or work remotely? Can you adjust your household’s schedule to suit your student’s final exams and project deadlines?

Finally, don’t forget to offer your student some encouraging words and extra TLC. With my own college student finishing her semester remotely, I plan to talk about what went well this semester, and what things she found frustrating. Talking about the ups and downs is a great way to acknowledge your college student’s grit, determination and perseverance.

Jodi Ryter



—Jodi Ryter is NWU’s dean of undergraduate programs.