Baseball Clinics

Winter Baseball Clinics

Camp Emphasis: These camps emphasize the fundamentals of the game. Basic concepts of team play and strategy will also be stressed. Camp activities include demonstrations by NWU staff, personal instruction on individual technique/fundamentals, games and contests.  Our coaches and players love teaching the game to young players who are eager to get better. T-shirt is included.

Grades: 9-12

Dates:  Jan 22, 9am-12pm, 10am-12pm

Facilities: Weary Center

Cost: Position players - $80, Pitcher only - $70

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2021-22 School year
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  • Participants should self-monitor for the development of any COVID symptoms in the week (7 days) after participation in my camp or program at NWU and notify the NWU Student Life Office ( for contact tracing purposes if they receive a positive COVID test result, or if they are diagnosed as presumed positive through symptoms, within one week (7 days) of their camp or program at NWU.
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  • As local health conditions change, NWU may need to modify procedures and activities in consultation with county or city officials.
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