If it weren’t for scholarships and financial aid, college campuses everywhere would be lonely places. Roughly 98 percent of Nebraska Wesleyan students receive financial aid; most of them wouldn’t be here without it.

Scholarship Eligibility

If you would like to learn more about your scholarship eligibility, please email the admissions [at] (Admissions Office) with your highest composite ACT or SAT critical reading and math scores, and your cumulative grade point average. Transfer students who have completed more than 30 hours may send their cumulative college grade point average to receive scholarship eligibility information.

The scholarship links below will tell you more about the level of aid you can expect at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Academic Scholarships
Students are automatically considered after being accepted for admission. Scholarships are awarded based on ACT or SAT performance or GPA.

Competitive Scholarships
These NWU scholarships require students to apply and compete against other applicants.

Minority Student Scholarships
Nebraska Wesleyan offers a need-based scholarship program directed toward students of color.

Additional NWU Scholarships
These university scholarships target a variety of students at NWU.

Outside Scholarships
Scholarships offered outside Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Study Abroad Scholarships
Scholarships to help you study abroad.

Athletic Scholarships at NWU
Nebraska Wesleyan is affiliated with both the NAIA and the NCAA Division III, the only school in the nation with dual affiliation. Since there are no NCAA Division III schools within three hours of Lincoln (and only a handful within six hours), NAIA membership helps us manage our travel budget and missed class time. However, we follow the NCAA Division III philosophy of not awarding athletic scholarships, consistent with the idea that student-athletes are not treated differently from the other members of the student body.