F. Thomas Waring ’53

Those who speak of Tom Waring’s contributions as an alumnus of Nebraska Wesleyan University mention him as a shining example of how the University’s alumni can guide its path. Tom has not only given financially, but has been active in the governing of the University and strives to maintain the University’s reputation for fine education.

After graduating from Wesleyan with a degree in chemistry, Tom attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where he completed his medical degree in 1957. Following that, he served with the army medical corps for four years. In 1961 Tom planted his roots in Fremont, NE, starting an Ear/Nose/Throat practice from which he retired in 2001. During that time he was also on the staff at the Fremont Area Medical Center.

Since his retirement, Tom has remained active in the medical field. He is a member of the Nebraska Medical Association, the Board of Directors of University of Nebraska Medical Center Alumni Association, the Board of Trustees of Fremont Area Medical Center, the Board of Directors of Fremont Area Community Foundation, and a Life Member of the American Medical Association.

Tom has also remained active with Nebraska Wesleyan since his graduation. He served on the University’s Board of Governors for 15 years and now holds the title of Governor Emeritus. In that capacity, Tom attends meetings and stays current on the University. He is also a strong financial supporter of Wesleyan, and has hosted events for alumni in the Fremont area.

Tom says he stays involved with his alma mater because he believes that Nebraska Wesleyan is a wonderful school which provides its students with a solid liberal arts education. His own liberal arts experience, he says, is a primary reason that he was able to attend medical school. By continuing is life-long relationship with the University he intends to ensure that others will receive the same caliber of education that he did as an undergraduate.

Tom lives in Fremont, NE with his wife, Carol.

They have two children, son John and daughter Susan, and five grandchildren.