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Campus Activities & Leadership Opportunities

Student organizations, programs, activities, and other leadership opportunities are an integral part of the co-curricular learning experience in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Through study, practice, and experiences, students will be challenged and supported to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values in the pursuit of effective leadership.

Nebraska Wesleyan has approximately 90 student organizations, governing bodies, and honoraries. Here are some of the opportunities in which students are encouraged to take part:

  • More than 60 student organizations
  • Intercollegiate athletics, including 18 sports
  • Greek letter organizations
  • Residence hall councils
  • Peer Assistant programs
  • Cooperative learning in courses and co-curricular organizations
  • Internship program
  • Teaching assistant opportunities
  • On-campus student employment
  • Leadership skill training and discussions
  • LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) Retreat
  • Full voting student representation on Board of Governors
  • Student representation on more than 20 major campus committees, commissions and councils
  • Student Affairs Senate

Self-Governance Organizations

Student self-governance is an important part of campus life. Nebraska Wesleyan’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences student governing bodies are described below:

The Student Affairs Senate (SAS) initiates legislation governing student life within the University community while upholding the rights and responsibilities of each of its members. It facilitates communication between students, faculty, and administration in matters pertaining to students. The standing committees of the SAS are Student Affairs, Public Relations and Elections, Budget, Buildings and Grounds, Academic Affairs, and Multicultural Affairs and Minority Viewpoints.

The University Judiciary conducts hearings and renders decisions in cases involving infractions of University rules as specified in the Code of Student Conduct. Membership includes two administrators, three full-time faculty members and four students.

The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) promotes cooperation and harmony among member fraternities, promotes successful interrelations among fraternities, and serves the fraternity system by promoting growth and long-term interests of the fraternity system. The IFC is composed of men selected by their fraternities. It sponsors recruitment activities and social programs, and recognizes academic endeavor by awarding a trophy to the fraternity with the highest scholastic rank for two previous semesters.

The Panhellenic Council assists and advises its member organizations in all aspects of their programs and promotes a spirit of friendship and unity among sororities. The National Panhellenic Creed emphasizes cooperation with the ideals and objectives of the University, good scholarship, good health, and growth of all Greek women. Panhellenic sponsors the sorority formal recruitment program each fall.

Residence Hall Community Councils and Associations are elected in each residence hall. Representatives and officers bring residence hall members closer together through programming and provide a forum for airing residents’ concerns, suggesting facility improvements, and providing input in policies and procedures.

University Committees and Advisory Groups: Nebraska Wesleyan students are also represented on many University committees and advisory groups, including the:

  • Board of Governors
  • Faculty Executive Committee
  • Commission on Women’s Issues
  • President’s Council on Cultural Diversity

Student Organizations

Other student organizations satisfy recreational and cultural interests, academic interests, lifestyles, and activities programming, as well as campus and community service.

Numerous student organizations and department-related clubs offer opportunities for involvement and leadership on campus. For example, the International Relations Organization and MOSAIC promote international and cultural awareness. And, the Wesleyan IT Students work to improve technology experiences on campus for students, faculty, and staff and serves to connect Computing Services with the larger campus.

Greek Organizations

Social fraternities and sororities at Nebraska Wesleyan include Omega Alpha Chi, Theta Chi, and Zeta Psi fraternities, and Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta, Omega Chi Rho, and Willard sororities. These groups maintain their own living units adjacent to campus.

A listing of all student organizations and activities is included in the Student Handbook/Planner, and is available on the Nebraska Wesleyan website Student Organizations page. An Involvement Fair is held each semester.