Huge-NWU Scholarship

Competitive scholarship
Full tuition, fees, room and board
December 1

Named after Harry and Reba Huge, (pronounced hyoo-gee, (rhymes with "you bee"), this scholarship supports academic excellence in all fields with up to full tuition, fees, room and board over four years.

Katlyn Baker, 2013 Huge Foundation-NWU Scholar
"The Huge Foundation is giving me the opportunity to get the education that I need to achieve my goals at the school that is the perfect fit for me. I'm so excited to see where it takes me."
Lindsey Jones, 2008 Huge Foundation-NWU Scholar
"Being a Huge scholar is a special experience. The Huge Foundation provides students with financial support that gives them the ability to fully participate in the many academic and co-curricular activities that NWU has to offer, without having to worry about fitting in a job. The Foundation also puts scholars into immediate contact with many professionals and other students that truly care about the success of the scholar. This network is full of advice, connections, and assistance that can open many doors for scholars both during and after the undergraduate years. It has truly been a joy to have Harry, Reba, and the other Huge scholars involved in my life!"

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