Nursing (RN to BSN) Courses

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Required Courses (33 hours)  
NURS 2330 Health Assessment 3 hours
NURS 3010 Professional Communication in Nursing 1 hour
NURS 3040 Global Health 3 hours
NURS 3050 Issues of Professional Nursing Practice 3 hours
NURS 3310 Nursing Theories 3 hours
NURS 3340 Health Care Ethics 3 hours
NURS 3360 Introduction to Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice 4 hours
NURS 4400 Management and Leadership in Health Care 4 hours
NURS 4460 Community Health Nursing 4 hours
NURS 4460L Community Health Nursing Clinical 2 hours

Nursing Elective:
NURS 4200 Nursing in the 21st Century: Current Topics 3 hours


Required Supporting Courses (9 hours)  
BIO 4700 Pathophysiology 3 hours
MATH 1300 Statistics 3 hours
Department-approved lifespan development course 3 hours


General Education Archway Curriculum (34-54 hours)  
Archway Seminar 3 hours
English Composition 3 hours
Speaking Instructive 3 hours
Speaking Discourse 3 hours
Modern Language 3 hours
Math 3 hours
Natural Science 4 hours
Social Science 3 hours
Creative and Performing Arts 3 hours
Diversity Instructive 6 hours
Integrative Core
Number of credits needed in these themed electives varies for each student, depending on transfer credits. For more information, speak with an NWU counselor.
0-20 hours