Student Life

Get involved at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Your Nebraska Wesleyan experience is more than a piece of paper or a list of classes taken.

It’s about being active, building experience and reaching goals. That’s why we make it easy to get involved on campus.

Ways to Get Involved at NWU:

The Meaning of Involvement

The students who get the most from their college experience make wise use of their time and energy. We want you to dive in and get involved.

But this isn’t an episode of “Hoarders.” It’s not about collecting the longest possible list of club memberships for your resume. Instead, choose a few meaningful involvement opportunities and give them a real commitment. Strike the right balance and you’ll:

  • Get to know more people and feel a stronger connection to our community.
  • Earn better grades by being invested without being stretched too thin.
  • Care more about your education and the causes you’re involved in.
  • Know more about the resources your campus and community offer.
  • Be more comfortable in your own skin as you make a difference on campus and learn what you’re capable of doing.
  • Be more satisfied with your education and yourself.

Focus on activities that add to your learning, that are meaningful and that add to your goals. The Center for Student Involvement is there to help you get involved on campus.