Circuit Room Policies

  1. Shirts, athletic shoes, and proper athletic attire must be worn at all times. A sports bra does not count as a shirt in this area.
  2. Shirts must be worn over sports bras while working out in this area.
  3. Users are responsible for all valuables and personal items.
  4. Users should not attempt to use equipment on which they have not received instruction. User should ask the supervisor on duty if instruction is needed.
  5. Users should immediately report any injury or facility/equipment problems to the supervisor on duty.
  6. Users must remove and rack all weights after using a piece of equipment. Dumbbells must be returned to the proper storage station.
  7. Users should not move equipment around, or modify equipment in any way.
  8. Users must not rest weights on the benches between sets.
  9. No chalk is allowed in the workout areas.
  10. Slamming or dropping of free weights is prohibited. Weights should not be leaned against walls, glass, or equipment.
  11. Spotters are encouraged when appropriate.
  12. Users must obey all the time limits placed on equipment during peak times.
  13. Screaming or use of offensive language will not be tolerated in the facility.
  14. Equipment shall not be removed from the area for any reason.
  15. Radio station selection and volume will be monitored and changed by the supervisor.
  16. Use exercise machines and equipment only for their intended use.