Bike Checkout Program

The Weary Center is offering a voluntary bike checkout program to the NWU community to recreate outside of the Weary Center. The program is open to all students and employees with a valid NWU ID Card.

To be eligible to participate in the program, the student or employee must complete a Bike Checkout Agreement at the Weary Center Front Desk and be able to present an NWU ID card. The user's ID card will be kept at the Front Desk for collateral and will be returned upon check-in of the bicycle. A fob will not be accepted as a form of ID for checkout.

Users are allowed to take the bicycles off-campus, provided all state and local bicycle laws are followed. Users must also remain on streets, sidewalks and bike trails as these bikes are not suitable for off-road terrain.

The Weary Center cannot guarantee availability of bicycles and other equipment. Use of this equipment is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, while all bicycles undergo scheduled maintenance, there may be times when the bicycles require maintenance and may be out-of-order.

Users who wish to check out bicycles from the Weary Center are expected to check all equipment and ensure that it is in correct working order prior to leaving the campus.

The program is not available during the "winter" months. The bikes are put away for the winter season. Typically the program is available from Spring Break in March through Fall Break in October.