COVID-19 Study Abroad FAQ

Is the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) still open?

Yes! The Office of Global Engagement is open and located on the lower level of the Student Life Center. We ask that you practice physical distancing at all times while in the office. Please note that all meetings and advising sessions are virtual. Make an appointment to discuss studying abroad at or email studyabroad [at]

Is it safe to travel abroad?

Nebraska Wesleyan University is continuously monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic as international, national, state, and local officials address the spread of the virus to ensure the safety of our students. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, Nebraska Wesleyan University has made the decision to cancel all study abroad programs for Spring 2021.

The U.S. Department of State’s travel advisories for each country found at…. Keep in mind that travel to “Level 4: Do Not Travel” destinations is strictly prohibited by NWU policy, and travel to “Level 3: Reconsider Travel” destinations is prohibited and only permitted by a written request for permission.

Country-specific information regarding COVID-19 can be found at….

Current recommendations from the CDC regarding travel during the pandemic can be found at….

Will I be able to study abroad in Spring 2021?

Unfortunately, due to the impacts of COVID-19, Nebraska Wesleyan University has made the decision to cancel all study abroad programs for Spring 2021.

If you have already been accepted to a study abroad program for Spring 2021, appropriate arrangements should be made to cancel you program or defer to a later semester. Please contact the Office of Global Engagement for further questions or guidance.

Summer study abroad will be determined in February/March. At this time, NWU will be offering a variety of faculty-led opportunities.

Can I defer my study abroad program to a later semester?

Yes, if you were planning on studying abroad in Spring 2021, or any term which gets cancelled, you can usually defer to a later semester. You should reference your specific program or contact the Office of Global Engagement for more information about this process

What is the status of other terms for studying abroad?

Summer 2021:
All NWU faculty-led programs for the Summer 2021 are cancelled due to ongoing safety concerns and challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic.

NWU intends to make a decision about remaining Summer 2021 programs approximately 90 days prior to program start dates. Programs with start dates in late summer (July-August) may prove feasible, depending on the timeline of COVID-19 vaccinations and easing of travel restrictions. Please refrain from purchasing flights, paying non-refundable program deposits, or making other purchases or financial commitments (visa fees, vaccinations, housing payments, etc.) until a decision is made by the University. NWU will not be responsible for costs assumed by students in advance of NWU’s approval.

Fall 2021 and Academic Year 2021-2022:
Applications are currently open for Fall 2021 and Academic Year 2021-2022 study abroad. NWU’s priority deadline to apply is February 1, 2021. NWU’s final deadline to apply to study abroad in Fall 2021 or the 2021-2022 Academic Year is March 1, 2021. It is too early to determine whether COVID19 will affect this term, but students are advised to not make any financial commitments until further notice.

If my program is cancelled, will I owe any money?

Generally, if Nebraska Wesleyan University has decided to cancel your program due to COVID-19, you will be refunded any fees you have already paid to NWU and will not incur any additional costs. If payments on your behalf have been made before NWU cancels the program, NWU will do its best to recover as much of those payments as possible and pass that refund back to you.

If you have already paid any program-specific (i.e. ISEP application fees), nonrefundable fees, you are not guaranteed a refund upon cancellation but usually can defer to a later semester at no extra cost.

Can I use my scholarships if I defer my program to a later term?

If you have received any funding for study abroad Spring 2021 from outside sources, you should contact the organization who granted the scholarship about your program cancellation and inquire whether you will be able to use the award in a later term.

What is the status of US passport applications and issuance?

As of October 29, 2020, you can apply for routine service and expect to receive your passport within 10-12 weeks. You also have the option of paying an additional $60 for expedited service to receive your passport in 4–6 weeks.

Where can I find country-specific information regarding COVID-19 regulations?

Country specific information regarding COVID-19 information and regulations can be found on the U.S. Department of State’s website at….

U.S. Department of State country specific travel advisories can be found at….

Are there virtual study abroad programs I can do from home?

Yes, there are options to virtually intern or study abroad through ISEP and other independent programs. If you are interested in a virtual study abroad experience, you should contact the Office of Global Engagement for more information via email to studyabroad [at] Please also watch our website for more information as we develop it.

Will I be contacted directly with any updates regarding study abroad and COVID-19?

If you have applied or formally expressed interest to study abroad to the Office of Global Engagement (OGE), then the answer is yes, OGE staff will update students planning on studying abroad through Fall 2021 with relative information regarding COVID-19.

Who can I contact if I have other questions about study abroad and COVID-19?

If you have any questions regarding study abroad and COVID-19 that this page fails to answer, please contact the Director of Global Engagement, Sarah Barr, at sbarr [at]