Student Organizations

Although active organizations vary by semester, here is a general list of the student organizations and clubs that you can join while at NWU. Many of these clubs and organizations participate in the Involvement Fair the first week of classes. Meet other students involved in the groups and learn more about the organizations. Or come by the Center for Student Involvement and we can talk about the organizations and connect you to the student leaders of the group. This list does not include the multiple academic honoraries that require a certain level of achievement within a declared academic discipline. For more information about available honoraries, please contact the Department Chair of your academic department.

Are you really into something, but don't see a club for that? Good news! You can start your own club. The process is simple. Just fill out the online Student Organization Registration form and the Center for Student Involvement can help you navigate the quick steps to gain recognition and build membership.

Student Organization President/Advisor Description
American Choral Directors' Association
bbb [at] (Boyd Bacon) ACDA is an organization dedicated to the fostering and enrichment of choral music. Membership is open to all students with an interest in choral music, but is particularly valuable for students who wish to pursue a career in choral music or music education.
American Red Cross Club
(Special Interest)
Savannah Barrett
Karri Sanderson
Athletic Training Students Association
Kelsey Jaeschke ATSA functions to promote active improvement in the athletic training educations and service and encourage students' participation in athletic health care at NWU. It also helps to promote and encourage collaborative relationships with students and professionals of other associations dealing with health care disciplines. ATSA stimulates professionalism among students and all other members.

Beekeeping Club

(Special Interest)

Jakob Phillips  


NWU's Interfaith Organization


Makinzie Vandewege

Eduardo Bousson

The purpose of this organization shall be to support and celebrate religious diversity on campus. Bridge will recognize different religious holidays on campus, send members to religious diversity and interfaith conferences, host speakers on campus, and hold engaging sessions for students to attend regarding religious diversity and interfaith work. Bridge will work in conjunction with University Ministries and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
(Faith Organizations)

Aly Johnson CRU is passionate about putting the Gospel within arms reach of every student on campus. CRU meets weekly for fellowship, worship, and looking at practical applications of the Bible. This organization is nondenominational and open to all students.
Colleges Against Cancer
(Special Interest)

Phil Ehly

Jared Marcuson

Simply put, we are here to help eliminate cancer. We celebrate life, share hope, and save lives. Through events like Relay For Life we are able to make a difference in the fight against cancer and help the American Cancer Society continue to make advancements in cancer research. We try to build awareness throughout campus and give students opportunities to become involved in ways that interest them.

College Republicans

(Political Interests)

Dallas Jones The purpose of Nebraska Wesleyan University College Republicans is to make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among members of the NWU campus and community; to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government; to encourage and assist in the organization and active functioning of the Republican Party at the local, state, and national levels; to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service by them to the party and the community; and most importantly, to instill confidence in students about their own conservative opinions and teach how to voice them in an effective and respectful manner.
Creative Writing Club Erin Hoaglin A casual writing group that gathers on an evening during the weeknight to set aside time to develop writing techniques and encourages creativity!
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
(Faith Organization)

Torree Hempstead

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is open to all students at NWU. The purpose is to provide a time for Christian fellowship among students.

Gaming Club

(Special Interest)


Dylan Beechley The Gaming Club is an organization made to create a social community around gaming, technology, and issues related to those subjects.

Global Service Learning
(Special Interest)

Jacob Barrett Global Service Learning (GSL) is composed of a small group of intentionally diversified students who bring different gifts to the ongoing work of service learning on a local, national and international level. These students demonstrate a commitment to global citizenship and service and a willingness to engage in meaningful group and personal reflection and exchange. During the past year, Global Service Learning has served in Nicaragua; Denver, Colorado; and locally at Friendship Home, the Salvation Army, the People’s City Mission, Clinic With a Heart, Nebraska AIDS Project, and Heartland Big Brothers / Big Sisters, among others.

Greenhouse Project

(Special Interest)

Terry McGinn The Nebraska Wesleyan Greenhouse Project will inspire students to learn about horticulture and take initiative to thrive in their surrounding environment.
Health and Human Performance Club
Tamra Llewellyn  

History Club


Steve Wills History Club is an organization that serves as a social gathering for those interested in history. History Club participates annually in the Progressive Dinner hosted by the History Department Staff, aids with History Day in the spring, as well as social gatherings of analyzing historical movies, one local day trip, and one weekend trip to a designated city for historical adventures. History Club is open to all students of Nebraska Wesleyan.

Homecoming Student Steering Committee

(Special Interest)

Karri Sanderson This group of students work together to plan various events during the week of Homecoming for the current student population like the trivia night and annual Howl Like Hell competition/pep rally.
Inter-Fraternity Council
(Student Government)
mdilley [at] (subject: More%20information%20about%20IFC) (J)ared Marcuson The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing body of the Greek fraternities at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Improv Club

(Special Interest)

Jerry Peterson Open to all students interested in studying and practicing the art of improv.
International Justice Mission (NWU Chapter) (Special Interest) Sarah Hunter We are an organization on Nebraska Wesleyan University's campus that is working to help spread awareness about human trafficking in our community.
International Relations Organization
(Special Interest)
yiwasaki [at] (Yoko Iwasaki-Zink) The purpose of International Relations Organization (IRO) is to provide an opportunity for the U.S. and international students to interact and to educate each other, exchanging ideas and learning about each other's customs on the campus and in the community.

Intersectionality Resource Center

(Special Interest)

Kerry Worley

Ciara Eichorst

The Intersectionality Resource Center exists to empower people of all genders and sexualities within the Wesleyan Community through programs, educational resources, referral services, and raising awareness. It is a safe, apolitical office, staffed by student volunteers, committed to fostering knowledge about sexual health and gender equality in our campus community.

Knitting Club

(Special Interest)

Sheridan Parker
Rachel Pokora
This club is for anyone interested in knitting, regardless of their level of experience.

Love Your Melon

(NWU Chapter)

(Special Interest)

Jalyssa Oliverius Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students across the country on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America.
Math Club

Carter Lyons
Melissa Erdmann

Math Club is a group that organizes fun activities and events around math. It is open to everyone on campus, regardless of mathematical ability.


Meeting of Students Addressing Intercultural Concerns
(Special Interest)

Lisette Torres The purpose of MOSAIC is to educate, celebrate, and support. We are dedicated to celebrating different cultures from around the world as well as addressing issues of discrimination on our campus and educating people about these issues. We encourage students that our interested in learning about other cultures and students who want to act as a social change agent to join this group.
Mental Health Club
(Special Interest)

Lauren Andres

Rachel Pokora

There's a stigma in society that mental illness can't be talked about: We're fighting back on that lie and raising awareness... #MoreTomorrows
Mixed Media Art Club
Ali Lane
sberkele [at] (David Gracie)
Nebraska Wesleyan's Art Club.

Model U.N.

(Political Interests)

Kate Richerson  

National Association of Future Music Educators

Lauren Boyer NAFME is a group of dedicated music majors who focus on the different aspects of improving their knowledge in music education. This group is not exclusive to only music education majors, but encourages those in similar fields to participate.
NWU Catholic Nolinh Linebaugh NWU Catholic is a community of students at Nebraska Wesleyan who work to grow in our faith through various speakers and events on campus. NWU Catholic provides a safe place for Christians seeking to pursue Christ at Nebraska Wesleyan.
NWU Student Veterans Organization Jasmine Barry The NWU Student Veterans Organization exists to provide student veterans and active service members information and support while continuing their education.
Panhellenic Council
(Student Government)

Allison Kohl

mdilley [at] (subject: More%20information%20about%20Panhellenic%20Council) (J)ared Marcuson

The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the Greek sororities at Nebraska Wesleyan University. The council is composed of two delegates from each chapter along with officers responsible for governing across sororities.
Philosophy Club

Spenser Dawdy

Justin Skirry

Positively engaging Lincoln's academic and local communities through deep philosophical discourse.

Physics Club


Joe Frazier  
Pre-Health Club
(Special Interest/Academic)
Kacie Gribble
cjm [at] (Cindy Marolf)
The NWU Pre-Health Club is a campus organization designed to help students understand the professional school application process, provide health-related information, and offer unique opportunities to undergraduate students enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan with interests in pursuing a career in health and health-related professions.
Pre-Law Club Jacob Bishop  
Pride Alliance
(Special Interest)
Wendy Hunt The purpose of Pride Alliance is to provide support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning members of the Wesleyan community and the community at large, as well as their allies. Pride Alliance will create and promote activities that are inclusive and provide education, dispel myths, and work against hatred and discrimination in hopes of creating a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the Nebraska Wesleyan community.
Psychology Club
Maddie Tolly Psychology Club sponsors lecture series speakers, and is active in the Great Plains Students' Psychology Convention, the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, and the NPS-PERK Convention. Throughout the school year, Psychology Club hosts various social events where psychology students and professors get to know each other. Psychology Club also provides panels of graduate students and professionals in psychology to help younger students understand the complex science we call psychology.
Spirit Squad tlange [at] (Terry Lang) The Nebraska Wesleyan Spirit Squad is a symbol of team pride and school spirit. Comprised of a cheerleading squad, a dance team and mascot, the Spirit Squad represents the University at athletic events and other campus functions. The squad's goal is to build public support for the University and fan support for the Prairie Wolves athletic teams.
Student Affairs Senate
(Student Government)

Kate Richerson

Karri Sanderson

The Student Affairs Senate (SAS) is the governing body for students whose purpose is to enact legislation to enhance student life. SAS strives to protect the academic and social rights and responsibilities of students and promote diversity, while laboring to guarantee the freedom of students to be informed about every aspect of their University. SAS acts as a liaison between students, the administration, faculty, and Board of Governors for the further advancement of Nebraska Wesleyan University.
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
(Special Interest)
izeff [at] (subject: More%20information%20about%20the%20Student-Athlete%20Advisory%20Committee) (Ira Zeff) SAAC is comprised by various student-athletes who represent their sport and provide student insight to the Athletic Department.
Student Education Association of Nebraska
Mikayla Nelson SEA is an affiliate of the Nebraska State Education Association and the National Education Association. It is a campus organization for students preparing to teach who want to belong to, and benefit from, a professional organization of teachers.
Student Nurses Association Cami Roehrs  
The Yip
(Student Newspaper)
jrs [at] (Jim Schaffer) The Yip is Nebraska Wesleyan's student newspaper and is published by and for the students. The Yip accepts letters and guest columns as well as paid advertising. The newspaper is intended to accurately and fairly inform its readers of items of importance and interest to the Nebraska Wesleyan community.
University Band
Stephen Goldeck  
University Choir
Bill Wyman The Nebraska Wesleyan University Choir is a select 54-voice ensemble, more than half of whom are music majors. The choir is recognized throughout this country and internationally for performing excellence and regularly presents a varied repertoire rich in global diversity.
Wesleyan Communication Association
Dave Whitt The Wesleyan Communication Association (WCA) is an organization in which mainly communication and business students participate, however, students of all disciplines are encouraged to join and attend several meetings throughout the year to have the opportunity to listen to and to network with several communication and business professionals. They also participate in activities sponsored by the Communication and Theatre Department. WCA is a great way for students to get to know each other as well as their options for internships and post-graduate plans.
Wesleyan Entertainment Board
(Special Interest)

Gradyn Kershner

Karri Sanderson

Wesleyan Entertainment Board (WEB) is an organization which coordinates campus events for students. Events include Sunday Fun Day, Screen on the Green, Coffee House concerts, and more.
Wesleyan Student Fellowship
(Faith Organizations)
ebousson [at] (subject: More%20information%20about%20Wesleyan%20Student%20Fellowship) (Eduardo Bousson)  
Wesleyan Theatre Company
Emma Evenson Wesleyan Theatre Company is the theatre honorary group comprised of well-rounded and involved students in all elements of theatre. WTC is open to all students on campus who are interested in working on major productions or laboratory theatre productions. WTC hold open auditions for students who enjoy acting, constructing costumes, building scenery, working in the box office, designing/applying make-up, running lights, providing sound effects, gathering properties, ushering, handling public relations and advertisement for NWU productions. For those who are devoted to keeping the art of theatre alive on this campus, please contact the WTC President or visit our webpage.
Wilderness Adventure Club
(Special Interest)
Aly Johnson Life is best experienced in the great outdoors! The Wilderness Adventure Club (also known as the Outdoor Club) exists to give students the opportunity to get outdoors (most of the time!) and explore nature. Camping, snow skiing, and watching the sandhill crane migration are a few of the activities that we plan in the upcoming months. The club is open to all NWU students, the only real requirement for membership is wanting to get off campus to see the beauty of the Nebraska landscape.

Women's Choir

(Special Interest)

Ashley Trent Women’s Choir presents an opportunity for musical growth and appreciation through several styles of music. There are several concerts and performance opportunities throughout the year, and all women on campus are welcome to join the group.


(Special Interest)

Ruth Njuguna Nebraska Wesleyan's step and hip-hop student organization. 
Yoga Club Karla Jensen Providing free or reduced-priced yoga and mindfulness opportunities to NWU students, faculty, and staff through a variety of programs. By giving our community access to these opportunities, we can not only improve the quality of our community, but of the world.
Young Democrats
(Political Interest)
Zeke Rouse Young Democrats is composed of students who support the Nebraska Democratic Party. This organization coordinates and supports activities to aid the state's Democratic Party.