Housing Request Form

Welcome to Nebraska Wesleyan University! Please complete the following information honestly and completely so that we can make the best housing placement possible. We hand select housing options for all new and incoming students based on the information you provide in this questionnaire. Visit the Living on Campus section to view residential facilities and community policies.

You may also update your NWU records with your name in use by contacting the Registrar’s Office.
What semester do you plan to start?
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Living Arrangements

To learn more, please visit the Residency Policy.

I will
Live off campus (Optional)
You must live with a parent/guardian within 30 miles of campus and have an approved Commuter Certification form on file with the Residential Education Office.
If you feel like your current situation does not fit any of the categories listed, please contact the Residential Education Office.
Housing Preferences

Room assignment is based on the date your admission deposit is received. While we make every effort to honor your requests, housing preferences are not guaranteed. You may be assigned to any of these facilities and/or room types. Residential Education will use a student’s self-defined gender when making housing placements.

Please note that while we will continue to honor housing location preferences as much as possible, opting in to a gender-open community and/or being approved for an ESA may take precedence in where we can best place you.

Sex assigned at birth (Optional)
I would prefer a (Optional)

Gender-Open Housing
Residential Education provides “gender-open housing” meaning that two or more students may mutually agree to share a multiple-occupancy residence hall room, suite, apartment or townhouse unit, regardless of a student’s sex or gender. The purpose of this policy is to provide students an increased choice in selecting roommates based on whom they feel the most comfortable and safe with, regardless of gender, to support their various living needs. This gender-open housing policy supports the university’s non-discrimination policy with respect to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. To learn more about this policy, please visit the gender open housing policy.

Please note that within a gender-open community, some parts of the hall may have mixed-gendered rooms among traditionally-gendered and gender-open rooms. In traditional-gender communities, neighboring rooms will all be traditionally-gendered (students of the same gender in a living space).

Only students who explicitly indicate on this form and via additional communication will be placed into a gender-open living arrangement.

Please indicate your interest in living in a gender-open room/community below. Residential Education will personally contact all students who indicate interest via the provided phone number or email address to discuss their individual needs.

Gender-open room/community (Optional)

Community Preference (please rank your top three choices):
Room assignment is based on the date your admission deposit is received. We make every effort to honor your requests, however, housing preferences are not guaranteed. You may be assigned to any of these facilities.

I typically keep my living space (Optional)
I prefer to live with someone who is clean and organized (Optional)
I consider myself (Optional)
Could you live with someone who considers themselves a night owl? (Optional)
I hope that my room primarily will be (Optional)
I am a smoker (Optional)
All residential facilities at Nebraska Wesleyan are smoke-free. Could you live with someone who chooses to smoke elsewhere? (Optional)
I would like the opportunity to live with an international student in Centennial Hall (Optional)

Living with an Emotional Support Animal
Some of our residents have been approved by our Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities to have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) live within their residence hall room. While the type of approved animal can vary, the most common ESA in our buildings are cats. Please indicate your willingness to live with a student that has an approved ESA below:

Emotional support animal (Optional)

Roommate Request
To request a roommate, list your roommate preference below. Your roommate must also list your name on their housing preference form. All roommate requests MUST be submitted by June 15 for fall placements (January 1 for spring placements) and via a housing request form (not to an admissions counselor, coach or over the phone to the Residential Education office) to be considered. Roommate requests take priority over building preference.


Americans with Disabilities Act
If you have a medical condition (physical and/or mental) that may require a housing accommodation, please contact Sandra McBride, Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities, at (402) 465-2346 or smcbride [at] nebrwesleyan.edu prior to June 1 for initial consideration in fall housing placement (December 15 for spring placement).

Applying for housing accommodations (Optional)

Updating Your Housing Information
At any point before housing placement you need to update or change this information (such as changing or adding a roommate’s name), please submit a new Housing Request Form. We will use the most recent form when placing students at the end of June.

Understand (Optional)