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2023-2024 Room and Dining Contract

Please read carefully all information and the terms of this contract, before completing, as you will be governed by these terms, and those included in NWU’s Housing Policies and the Code of Student Conduct.

As a residential campus, it is the residency policy of Nebraska Wesleyan University that undergraduate students reside in approved on-campus living units for three years or six semesters, not including summer terms. All first-year students must live in University-administered residential facilities. Students in their third through sixth semesters, who are members of sororities or fraternities, may reside in Greek houses meeting criteria for approved residential facilities. Registration as a full-time student at NWU during any academic year constitutes your acceptance of the room and board contract and the rates in effect at that time unless you have received prior approval to live elsewhere in accordance with the university residency policy. A student must be enrolled full-time to live in the residence halls. If a student’s living arrangements are in violation of the residency policy, the student will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action. Violation of this policy does not excuse financial obligation to the University.

The complete residency policy, along with other housing policies, can be found on the Room and Board Policies and Procedures page.

I hereby contract with Nebraska Wesleyan University for the following room and dining plans:
Housing options
Returning students must notify the Residential Education Office by May 5, 2023 at 5pm of their plans to break this contract. Breaking this contract at any point after May 5, 2023 will result in a $500.00 fee. Students who graduate, leave for study abroad, CHIP or student teaching will have this fee waived if they are checked out of their room by semester hall closing.
This option is only available to students returning to campus housing spring semester from fall study abroad, CHIP program, general leave, incoming new or transfer students for spring semester, or to students who commuted from home fall semester.
A student who wishes to live in his/her assigned townhouse unit or apartment for 12 months MUST select this option by March 1, 2024. A $250.00 fee will be assessed if the contract is cancelled or changed after March 1, 2024.
Dining plan options
Students living in any residential facility may elect this plan. This is a full dining plan which provides 19 meals/week and $100/semester of flex points. All first-year students must have this plan.
Returning students may elect this plan, which provides 12 meals/week plus $100.00/semester of flex points.
Returning students that live in the townhouses or residential apartments, and have completed 4 semesters of study, may choose to have this plan which includes 75 meals/semester and $250.00/semester of flex points.
Students who reside in the townhouses or residential apartments may choose to have no on campus dining plan if they have completed a minimum of 4 semesters of study.
Personal cell phone
Home phone (Optional)
Sign above
Sign above. Required when the student is under 19 years of age.


The Board of Governors sets room and board charges for Nebraska Wesleyan University residential and dining facilities. NWU reserves the right to make financial adjustments in room and board rates if necessitated by increases in costs. Room rates are differentiated according to type of facility. Single room rates are higher per semester than double room rates. Room and board charges are due the first Friday of the first week of class or through the FACTS plan option. If for any reason your account becomes delinquent and is turned over to a collection agency, you will be responsible for all collection costs.


Classification Fall Semester, 2023* Spring Semester, 2024*
New Students-Check-In August 16 at 8:00 a.m. January 7 at Noon
Returning Students-Check-In Begins August 18 at 9:00 a.m. January 7 at Noon
All Students-Facilities Close December 14 at 9:00 p.m. May 2 at 9:00 p.m.
All Graduating Seniors December 15 at Noon May 5 at 5:00 p.m.

*Dates are subject to change.  Any changes to the occupancy calendar will be communicated over the summer via student email accounts

Early Arrival Policy: Incoming and returning students must be approved for early arrival and if approved they will be charged a $35 per night fee for arrival prior to the check-in date. The only exceptions are participants in NWU sponsored activities that arrive on or after August 9, 2023. Students wishing to arrive early must contact the Residential Education Office (402-465-2161) by August 1, 2023. Absolutely no arrivals, except NWU sponsored activity participants, are allowed prior to August 9, 2023.

Vacation/Break Procedures: Residence halls will close over Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer breaks. Additional room rates will be assessed for vacation/break housing. Residents may be required to consolidate in Centennial Hall over breaks. When campus food service is not available during vacation periods a kitchen is available in the hall for student use. The standard Townhouse and Apartment rates include housing for Thanksgiving, semester, and spring breaks. The 12- month contract includes housing for the summer break for an additional summer rate and must be signed by March 4, 2023 to secure the same academic year unit within a Townhouse, Theme House or Apartment.

Consolidation: The Residential Education Office reserves the right to occupy all buildings and rooms at maximum capacity. Beginning May 1 and throughout the summer, as returning students spaces become available, residents may be moved to open rooms/units to ensure capacity in all units. Residents may be asked to consolidate at the end of the fall semester to ensure that all residents in double rooms retain roommates throughout their first year. When consolidation is necessary, residents will be notified.


Each residential facility at Nebraska Wesleyan University has its own character, but all provide the necessities for a student room: beds, desks, closet(s), window coverings, wireless network services and a basic cable package. Please note that some campus apartments are not furnished with a dresser due to the apartment set-up. All NWU furniture must remain in the room/unit. Students living in Townhouses and Apartments must bring their own living room and dining room furniture and kitchenware. There is no available storage for room furniture.


Room and Board: All students are expected to live in residential facilities throughout the contract term. Absence from the hall during the period of this contract does not entitle a resident to a refund of any portion of the room payment. No refund will be made for an individual when the University is in session, during vacation, or when the student is representing the University as an individual or as a member of a group. Any student who withdraws must immediately vacate the residential facility and cease using dining facilities or he/she will be responsible for room and board charges beyond his/her last date of attendance. Residents studying abroad, attending CHIP, transferring, etc. for second semester must vacate from residential housing the last day of the fall semester. Failure to do so will result in at least a $500 administration fee. If NWU cancels a student's housing contract, no refund for room will be made. Students who break their housing contract for reasons including, but not limited to: moving home, transfer to another institution, withdrawal from Nebraska Wesleyan University, or academic suspension will be assessed a $500 fee for breaking their contract. All returning students must notify the Residential Education Office of their plans to break their contract by the final day of the academic year by 5pm for two semester contracts. Residents who select a 12-month contract for the Townhouses and Apartments and wish to change the contract to a 10-month one must notify the Residential Education Office by March 1 to avoid a $250 fee.

Students who break their room and dining contract mid-semester will be refunded as follows:

During the Second Week: 80%
During the Third Week: 60%
During the Fourth Week: 40%
During the Fifth Week: 20%
After the Fifth Week: 0%


Security and Refurbishment: A student is responsible for damages or loss, which occur to the student’s room, the residential facility, and the furnishings of the room due to the student’s intentional or negligent actions. A student may be responsible for damages or thefts to the hall that cannot be assessed to an individual, as determined by the Residential Education staff. Students who are suspended or expelled from the residence halls or from the University for misconduct are subject to cancellation fees and charges.


A high standard of conduct is expected of residents always. Policies and regulations are established for the health, safety, and welfare of all residents. Rules and policies are stated in the Nebraska Wesleyan University Catalog, the Student Handbook, and during resident meetings. NWU may cancel this contract at any time if a resident displays disruptive behavior, including endangering the safety of other residents, failing to comply with or abuse of a University staff member, abusing fire safety equipment, violating floor or community agreements causing complaints from other residents, or damaging NWU property. In addition, all residents are governed by federal, state, and city laws. Possession and/or use of narcotics, hallucinatory drugs, marijuana, other controlled substances, and the associated paraphernalia, are prohibited. The use of alcoholic beverages must comply with state and local laws and NWU policies. Firearms, weapons, and fireworks are not permitted on campus, including in any residential unit. If a student attempts and/or threatens suicide or harm to another person, the student may not return to a residential living unit until he/she is certified as ready to do so by a physician or licensed mental health professional. If a student's living arrangements are in violation of the residency policy, the student will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action. Violation of this policy does not excuse financial obligation to the University.


Nebraska Wesleyan University is not responsible for the security of students' personal possessions. We recommend that each student have personal property insurance. Nebraska Wesleyan University is not responsible for non-NWU furniture in student rooms. Personal items that remain in a room after a student has been assigned to check-out will be removed and discarded after 48 hours unless previous arrangements have been made. In these instances, a disposal fee will be charged. This contract is not automatically renewable. NWU reserves the right to change a room assignment at any time. Students who lose a roommate at any time during the academic year will be notified of their options. NWU also reserves the right to deny accommodations to any student. Nebraska Wesleyan’s insurer(s) will seek subrogation from your insurer if your actions result in bodily injury or property damage to the University of the named insures of the University.