Greek Recruitment

Joining a Greek fraternity or sorority at Nebraska Wesleyan University opens you to new friendships, leadership and service opportunities, academic success and a richer college experience. Each fraternity and sorority sets their own minimum grade point average to be eligible for membership.

Registration or participation in Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Greek recruitment does not guarantee membership. Each chapter is responsible for selecting members into its organization. Membership selection is in no way influenced or controlled by the Panhellenic or Interfraternity Councils or Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Fraternity Recruitment

Each fall, the Interfraternity Council hosts tours of every fraternity chapter house.

Chapters also host their own recruitment events throughout the year. All recruitment events and chapter facilities are alcohol free.

The best way to know whether a chapter is right for you is to check out all of the fraternities NWU has to offer. Begin by registering for fraternity recruitment.

Fraternity Recruitment Dates

  • Wednesday, August 19 - Ice Cream Social, 9-10:30 p.m., Dining Hall
  • Thursday, August 20 - Men's Recruitment Information Meeting, 8:30 p.m., Callen Conference Center
  • Monday, August 24 - Progressive Dinner, Fraternity House Tours, 5:30-8 p.m., meet at the Coffee House in the Story Student Center at 5:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, August 25 - Fraternity Recruitment BBQ, 5:30-7 p.m, Taylor Commons
  • Wednesday, August 26 & Thursday, August 27 - Individual Fraternity Chapter Events, 5:30 p.m., Fraternity Chapter Houses

Register for fraternity recruitment

Register for fraternity recruitment by completing the fraternity recruitment form online.

Sorority Recruitment

Fall Formal Recruitment

Fall formal recruitment occurs between move-in day and the first day of class. Interested women fill out an online application and attend an educational session about the recruitment process. Over three days, women visit each organization and meet the members. Recruitment counselors will assist and answer questions.

Nebraska Wesleyan sororities use a mutual selection recruitment process. Women choose the chapter that they are most interested in while the chapters in turn also choose what women they would be interested in extending a bid of membership.

Following recruitment, women are extended invitations to join sororities and attend chapter Bid Day celebratory activities. All recruitment events and chapter facilities are alcohol free.

Sorority Recruitment Dates

  • Wednesday, August 17 - Ice Cream Social, 9 - 10:30 p.m., Prairie Pointe Dining Center At the Ice Cream Social you will have the opportunity to eat free ice cream and talk to fraternity and sorority members and discuss the benefits of Greek membership.
  • Thursday, August 18
    • Sorority Orientation option 1, Prairie Wolf A (lower level of the Student Center), 10-11 a.m. *women must attend one orientation
    • Sorority Orientation option 2, Prairie Wolf A (lower level of the Student Center), 12-1 p.m. *women must attend one orientation
  • Thursday, August 18 - Sorority Recruitment Round 1, 7-10:30 p.m., Prairie Wolf A & B in the Student Center Sorority recruitment kicks off with tours of each chapter house and conversations with sorority members.
  • Friday, August 19 - Sorority Recruitment Round 2, 6:45-10:30 p.m., Prairie Wolf A & B in the Student Center Recruitment continues with further conversations with sorority women about common interests and Greek Life.
  • Saturday, August 20 - Sorority Recruitment Round 3, 6-10:30 p.m., Prairie Wolf A & B in the Student Center This round is preference round where women may have the opportunity to attend one or more chapter ceremonies to further explore the chapter(s).
  • Sunday, August 21 - Sorority Bid Day, 3-7 p.m., Callen Conference Center in Smith Curtis Bid Day is when women receive an invitation to join a sorority and attend the chapter’s individual Bid Day celebration.

* It takes some time for you to meet all the amazing women in our chapters so we recommended that you clear your schedules of work or other outside commitments during the evenings of August 17-21.
* You are required to attend all recruitment rounds in order to complete the recruitment process. If a conflict occurs during sorority recruitment, please contact the Center for Student Involvement at 402.465.2412 to discuss your options.
*It is required that you attend one of the sorority orientation meetings. Women will receive important recruitment information, their t-shirt and will have the opportunity to get their questions answered.

Register for sorority recruitment

Register for sorority recruitment by competing the sorority recruitment form online.

Members Bill of Rights

Students considering membership in Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Greek chapters enter the recruitment process confident that they will receive all the information and respect they deserve in an environment free from undue pressure.

  1. The right to be treated as an individual.
  2. The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process.
  3. The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from recruitment guides and members.
  4. The right to be treated with respect.
  5. The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized.
  6. The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers.
  7. The right to have and express opinions to recruitment counselors.
  8. The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment counselors.
  9. The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others.
  10. The right to be fully informed about binding agreements implicit in the preference card signing.
  11. The right to make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision.
  12. The right to have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and pledging experience.

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