Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that increases student performance and retention. The SI program targets traditionally difficult academic subjects—those that have a high rate of D or F grades and withdrawals—and provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions.

SI sessions are open to all students in the subject and are attended on a voluntary basis. SI leaders are students who have demonstrated competence in this subject.

SI leaders attend all class sessions, take notes, read all assigned material, and conduct three or more 50-minute SI sessions each week. SI sessions integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn.

Students who attend SI sessions discover appropriate application of study strategies, e.g. note taking, graphic organization, questioning techniques, vocabulary acquisition, and test preparation, as they review content material.

Students have the opportunity to become actively involved in the subject material as the SI leaders use the text, supplementary readings, and lecture notes as the vehicle for learning skill instruction.

SI students earn higher subject grades and withdraw less often than non-SI participants. Also, data demonstrate higher reenrollment and graduation rates.

Text excerpt from The Supplemental Instruction Supervisor Manual © 2006, University of Missouri, Kansas City, pages 8-9.

This semester, SI leaders are available for the following classes:

Chemistry Principles I
Class Tutor Day Time Location
Ryter – Section 1 Benjamin Gephart Tuesdays and Wednesdays
7–8 p.m.
5–6 p.m.
Library 1st floor
Office hour   Wednesdays 7–8 p.m. Library 3rd floor
Organic Chemistry
Class Tutor Day Time Location
Werth – Section 1 An Ho Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8–9 p.m. Library room 316
Office hour   Wednesdays 4–5 p.m. Olin Hall room 319
Arnold-Johnson – Section 2 Caitlynn Croner Sundays and Tuesdays
8:30–9:30 p.m.
8:15–9:15 p.m.
Library 1st floor
Office hour   Thursdays 5:30–6:30 p.m. Library 1st floor
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Class Tutor Day Time Location
Bauck – Section 1 Raissa Souza Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays 8–9 p.m. Library 3rd floor
Office hour   Fridays 2–3 p.m. Library 1st floor
Bauk – Section 2 Aaron Vinkenberg Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7–8 p.m. Library room 316
Office hour   Tuesdays 3–4 p.m. Olin Hall Sandbox


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